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Neurologist Appointment

Today Dakota had his neurologist appointment. Things seem to be going well. We discussed the frequent headaches and of course nothing new I am hearing but chalk it up to stress. Sigh… Kinda of sick of hearing the word stress. We also talked about the tremors and he went over Dakota’s case before we came in and said that he does have a history of them and he would let our primary Doctor know what drugs we can treat him with. However we talked more about it and Dakota will always have tremors the good thing is they can’t hurt him. He will have good days and bad days. That’s ok! We decided for now to opt out of meds as we don’t know how long he would be on them or if this is a life thing. He was also very comfortable with the meds. Dakota is on a low dose of seizure meds so that was a plus to hear also. He told me to pull Dakota’s finger if I think he is having a seizure if he doesn’t respond we know it’s a seizure. I never knew that before so I learned something new. We will see him again in one year and we will then do an EEG. So that appointment was very positive.

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