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Seventh Generation Back To School Giveaway and Review

As the school year starts I know I ask myself are my kids picking up more from school then they learn? Certainly once the school year hits it’s time for those germies to come out of their crevices and start spreading. While you’re packing the school  supplies into your child’s backpack don’t forget the supplies they’ll need to stay germ-free, too.

Did you know that 22 million school days are lost each year due to the common cold and flu (CDC) and as may as 2.7 million bacterial found per square inch on common school surfaces (NSF International)? It’s no wonder that 82% of the parents of kids K – 5 fret about germs in their child’s classroom.

School is in Session

Well today was the day for the kids to go back to school. This morning was a rough one. Dakota woke up at 5 AM and tried to wake up the whole house screeching and screaming and wound tight. He didn’t want to get dressed right away this morning either. I took him to school and he held my hand so tight. I could tell he was nervous with out him even saying anything. I took him into the classroom and the teacher said hello. We started sorting through his supplies and I think he was getting a little agitated with her as he started organizing them the way he though they should be and then she would tell him no they go here. The the announcements came on and they said the pledge. Dakota’s response was I am not doing this. I thought to myself I can tell what kind of day this is going to be so I let myself out and headed home.

Back to School – Teacher Talk

Finally I got a chance to talk to Dakota’s teacher. I called Monday but they didn’t start till yesterday. They had meetings all day yesterday and today she is in her room all day. Tonight is Orientation but I won’t be going as I will be at a different school working with Girl Scout Registration. Yep you heard that right. I am a Daisy Girl Scout Troop Leader. LOL I am so excited I can’t wait for it to start up. Ok back to Dakota. I brought up some concerns I had with Dakota from last year. Dakota re entered the public school system back in Marach. Started with a hour and then we put him in full time. The problems that came across were huge struggles with getting homework done. It was way to overwhelming for him. So we did what we could and turned it in. The books they were giving him were way to hard for him and way to long for him. This was for Title 1 reading. So the new teacher is going to talk to the Title 1 teacher and see what we can do about it. Dakota is going to struggle this year. He is a little behind. He can be difficult if he doesn’t want to do things. I also told her it will be interesting to see if the noise sensitivity comes out, the amount of students in the classroom and so forth. Dakota did pretty well containing himself. Time will have the answers. I am preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. We talked about spelling words and what could we do to get him to learn them. She had many great ideas. The first night she has them write them 5 times. Not sure how the writing is going to fly with Dakota as it was a struggle for him and his fine motor skills. I had him using my laptop typing things out. We agreed that we would try to get him to write as many as he could and if it became a fight we would type them out on the computer. She is going to talk to the First Grade teacher from last year to get more input on him. Which isn’t much as he wasn’t there long enough last year. She is very willing to work with me. I was really happy about that. We will deal with each issue from day to day through a binder and I will see her before and after school to talk with her. So far my first impression I was really happy with her. The kids start next week Tuesday. I anxious to see how it goes. I was glad to get the chance to talk to her ahead of time so she knew what she was up against. She will be also watching to see how he is focusing on his work. The attention span was very difficult last year. He is on different meds so time will hold those answers too!

Back to School – Autistic Kids

Well it’s nearing that time again. The kids start school in September and I have to begin thinking about getting Dakota ready. I already know he doesn’t want to go back and since there is less structure here during the summer it might be a hard transition. I already have the bedtime and morning routine so that won’t have to change. I know mornings are going to be difficult so within the next week or two we are going to have to start getting up early for practice before school.

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