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Our Week Of Homeschool – Earth Day and New Program Started

Our Week of Homeschool

This week has been a pretty good week. We made good time with book work. We had a great Homeschool Theme Day this week. We took off Friday from our regular day to have some fun with Earth Day. My son also started a new program this week. I also changed how I do work with the kids. I use to alternate between the two and it seems to make my day take longer. So now Mondays and Tuesdays I start with my son and get his work done and proceed to my daughter. Then Thursday and Friday I work with my daughter and then my son.

Our Week of Homeschool – A Week Full of Anxiety – One Program Being Discharged and Another Hopefully One Starting

Our Week Of Homeschool

I think this past week I have really thought a lot about autism. We have our milestones and we celebrate those because somewhere down the road you know you will fall two steps behind again. Our celebration didn’t last long of course. We did have one HUGE moment. At least to me we did.

Our Home School Week – One Day Throws The Whole Week Off

Home School Week

This week wasn’t any better then last week. Somethings were beyond our control such as the weather and I think Monday really made the whole week rough. I have to do more thinking as one of the programs my son is in, is causing conflict, upset, anxiety, and just throws our day off. I also think it disrupted the whole week as well.

Debating About Intensive Autism Therapy – Round 2

When my son was little we did intensive autism therapy 40 hours a week for almost 3 years. He was in post intensive for a couple years after that and then we lost his therapy. I don’t think at the time we had the world’s greatest case manager. I don’t think she tried hard enough to keep him on the services. We now have a great case manager for him and he is in the process of starting more therapy. They are just waiting on hiring someone. This post isn’t about my son it is about my daughter.

The Deep Effects Of Bullying and Autism – My own perspective

How deep does the effects of bullying go in an autistic person? Personally I am not sure so this is just my observations. It seems that the aftermath runs much deeper then I think it does. After all this was said and done I had talked to my son about his feelings. He mentioned that he was really angry and that it effects his character. I told him it was ok to be angry as he had every right to be angry. Somehow, he has to let the anger go so he can move on. We didn’t talk much about after that.

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