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Debating About Intensive Autism Therapy – Round 2

When my son was little we did intensive autism therapy 40 hours a week for almost 3 years. He was in post intensive for a couple years after that and then we lost his therapy. I don’t think at the time we had the world’s greatest case manager. I don’t think she tried hard enough to keep him on the services. We now have a great case manager for him and he is in the process of starting more therapy. They are just waiting on hiring someone. This post isn’t about my son it is about my daughter.

What is Autism? – How we felt in the beginning

Did you know that 1 in 110 American kids fall on the autism spectrum? Did you know that autism is more prevalent in boys than girls? Autism affects 1 in every 70 boys. Each person with autism is different. There are no two that are the same.

What Is Autism?

Thursday’s Special Needs Blog Hop #1

Welcome to Super Mommy’s Special Needs Blog Hop. Life got so busy that I just didn’t have much time to blog and I really have missed it. The one thing I missed was the Special Needs Blog Hop. So I thought I would start it up again. The reason behind it is I would love to see the Special Needs Community Closer. I know alot of what we had related to autism but it was nice to see what other special need parents went through and it was nice to know we could all support each other regardless of the special need.

Federal Law Now Mandates Autism Diagnosis Coverage

I was going through my email and I was quite surprised what I found. Federal Law is now mandating insurance companies to cover the cost for Autism Diagnosis. For families with Autism that a step forward.  However, don’t assume that insurance company is covered but most will be. Hmmm I didn’t like that part of the article. The state of Wisconsin mandated insurance companies to cover autism. However like with everything there are loop holes for them to get around. If a company is under so many employees they don’t have to cover autism. Which really kind of irratates me as if it is mandated they should have no choice but to cover it.

I was told one minute by MY insurance company it was covered and the next thing I know I got a letter stating it was not medically necessary and they would not cover. Not medically necessary. Who are they to dictate that my sons Autism therapy is not necessarily. I think the insurance clowns need to learn a thing or two about autism.

So I am getting off the topic a little bit here. U.S. laws are now requiring many health care plans to cover the costs of autism screening. One out of ever 110 kids have autism. Getting diagnosed in the early stages is very crucial in treating children with autism spectrum disorders. Now new parents should know that the new federal health reforms require many insurance companies autism spectrum and developmental screenings for infants.

Autism and Stress – Warning Signs

Stress is part of life
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jchetan

No child should ever have to suffer becasue they have anxiety and stress. What’s really important is knowing and understand the signs of stress as well as things that can help accomodate them to feel less stressed.

Children with autism respond to stress in the same way as anybody else. The only difference is that stress is a greater problem for students with autism because they experience severe stress far more frequently then what most people do and they are not able to deal with stress as effectively.The reason for this is they have fewer resources in dealing with stress as they may not recognize it.

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