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5 Days of Crafts – Day 5 – Gourd Painting

5 Days of Crafts


Welcome to day of 5 of 5 days of crafts. This post is a little late as we had a busy last couple days. It’s Shanty Days and it’s a big thing in this town. Well certain parts of it at least. So my daughter and I ended up doing our craft this morning

One of my friends brought us a box of dried out gourds. I have a lots of ideas for them. With some of them I would like to make some snowmen where I can paint them white and stack them. With the longer ones I plan on making Santa Clauses for Christmas.  You can also make maracas out of them as well. So those are just a couple more bonus ideas that you can do with them.

5 Days of Crafts- Day 4 – Sun Catchers

5 Days of Crafts


Welcome to Day 4 of the 5 Days of Crafts. This week so far has been fun trying different crafts we haven’t done before. It’s been a nice addition to week after doing some school work.

I hope you will join me next week in the 5 Days of Useful Homeschool Apps. Each Day I will have a few giveaways for you to win different apps.

5 Days of Craft – Day 3 – Cute Birdseed Treats

5 Days of Crafts


Welcome to Day 3 of of the 5 Days of Crafts. I thought it would be fun to add a little fun into our week trying different crafts we haven’t done before. The kids end the day with a little fun. Today’s craft was not my idea. The actual craft is called Birdseed Biscuit.

These would be a great addition if you were trying to attract birds for a nature study. It’s also nice to see the birds eat the treats that you made them.

5 Days of Crafts – Glitter Sparkling Mobile

5 Days of Crafts


Welcome to 5 Days of Crafts. We have been working on a lot of school work lately with the reviews we have been doing and I wanted to the kids to spend some time having fun this week after our studies. I wanted to try and share with you things that we have never done before.

Next week I will be bringing you 5 Days of Useful Homeschool Apps. Thanks to the developers who are participating I will be able to do giveaways each day as well for the developers I will feature. So I hope that gives you something to look forward to.

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