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eScienceCollage1jpg_zpsfac31924 If your looking for a fun and hands on science program, then Supercharged Science is for you. The e-science Premium Membership allows you to pay for month and you have access to a lot of wonderful material.


Aurora is the creator of the online hands-on-e-science curriculum. This is a complete online science homeschool program. It is a self guided program that your kids can do on their own or you can do it with them. There are many videos, live teleclasses, reading and exercises, quizzes, and experiments and projects. If you have any questions you can ask Aurora. You can also read different comments and questions from people and see Aurora’s response.

The nice thing is you can start anywhere you want. You can choose to dive right into the experiments or you can do the reading with it. We did a combination. You can find things by topic, by grade, or just by searching.

When we first started my son picked the topic of mechanics. We started with force. We did the reading and watched the video. What we did was spend two days on this. We started with the the reading and the videos and we stopped and talked about it and I asked him questions. We read the reading online but you can print it also. Then we started with the experiments the next day. The first one we did was detecting the gravitational field. I tried to take pictures of that but when the things were falling it went to fast. He learned that no matter how heavy things were gravity speeds up and things actually fall at the same time.

When you doing the experiments you can watch the video and print the experiment. The nice thing about printing the experiment worksheets is it is all right in front of you. There was a little reading with them. I like the fact that after the experiment there was questions. The bonus thing is the answers are included in the print out.

For my daughter I looked by grade preK/K and we picked out experiments. I didn’t really watch videos with her or do any of the readings. We just dived in. We did watch the video about the experiment so we knew what we were doing. My daughter’s favorite was the flying contraption. The interesting thing is scientifically this wasn’t meant to fly but mathematically it does. I have a video of our flying contraption. (Don’t mind the thud in the end of the video. My daughter’s flying contraption came and fly right at my fore head.)

My son and I jumped on to a couple of experiments with out reading. These were on days we just needed a break from reading and learning to do the hands-on fun of science. A couple experiments that we did were making a lava lamp and rusty balloon. I had videos of the lava lamp but for some reason they got deleted from my phone. It was very interesting to do. We read in the comments to try sugar. And it was really neat how it would ball up thick and go up. It was more interesting when you add alka seltzer as it really gets the oil going.

The rusty balloon took us a couple days to observe. I don’t think I filled the bottles up enough as we did not see one of the balloons go into the bottle. We did see one inflate the balloon. Who knew vinegar could literally decompose steel wool. It was very interesting to see what happened. In one bottle you saw it rust immediately. In another it was slowly rusting. In the other two, one broke down the steel wool, and in the last it just kind of floated.

photo (2)

My daughter and I also did the humming balloon. I do have a video for that. Just a warning though as the balloon gets smaller I wouldn’t recommend trying to do it any more as I was showing my husband and the balloon popped and I have yet to find the hexnut. My daughter had fun putting different objects into the balloon to see if they made noise. She really got a kick out of it.

Bottom line is there is no right or wrong way to do this program. I like having the options to just jump in the experiments and I did that mostly with my daughter. My son did jump in experiments at times, but he also really enjoyed watching the videos and doing the reading to get the full lesson out of the experiments.

This was very easy to use and well as easy to navigate through. I kind of was overwhelmed at first as I didn’t know where to start so I let the kids guide me. Again you can search by grade, topic, or even search for things on your own. There are so many different things to do.

The one thing I want to mention that we didn’t do was she talks about journaling. She goes into detail about keeping a scientific journal. She shows you different examples and steps to teach you how. Now that I think of it maybe I should have done this with the kids, especially when we just jumped into the experiments.

My kids really enjoyed this. I like that it kept them wanting to learn, kept them focused, and they had fun all at the same time. This really made learning fun and interesting for them. There is so much to say about the experiments that I had to pick just a few of our favorites.

The price of the e-science Premium Membership is: K – 8 $37.00 per month, and K – 12 $57.00 per month.

If you would like to see for yourself just how amazing this is, I have a special deal for you. For $1.00 you can get full access to e-Science. So you get to try it before you buy it.

If you not interested in the try it before you buy it, but you are still interested check out the sample experiments.

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