Super Teacher Worksheets Review – Worksheets to supplement curriculum

Are you looking for worksheets to supplement curriculum you are working on? Are you looking for worksheets that you can print for review? Super Teacher Worksheets has got you covered, with worksheets for multiple subjects. For this review we received the Individual Membership. This is an online membership that renews every year.

Super Teacher Worksheets has been a really great asset for us. The subjects are math, reading, writing, phonics, early literacy, handwriting, grammar, spelling lists, chapter books, science, social studies, holidays, and more. There is even a worksheet generator. The grades that the worksheets are for are PreK – 5. So you can find something to use for anyone. You can use these for review, add into your normal curriculum, or teach a new concept. You look at what each category has to offer and you open it in a pdf and print. It’s really that easy to use.

For this review period I used this with both of my kids. For my son I used it mainly for counting money and for handwriting practice. My son has such a hard time with coins and I absolutely loved the worksheets. They weren’t long worksheets but he still did have to count the coins and add them up. We used some more then once until he mastered each worksheet. For the hand writing worksheets I started printing from the beginning of the alphabet. It had to print and trace the worksheets. His a’s look like q’s. Until he masters them he has to keep doing them. I do rotate between different letters and come back to the ones he does need to review. One of the things that I want to start adding into our day is map skills. That is one thing that we haven’t really worked on. I think it would be good for him to know.

I also used the worksheets with my daughter. We are working on geography and I decided that using the maps would be a great idea to add in to our curriculum. We studied Canada. I printed out the maps to use as we studied. I printed both the blank and labeled maps. We would study the printed map and then I would have her label the map herself. She could use the other worksheet to find what she had to label. They have worked out great. Our language curriculum also adds in geography so I have used the maps with both the kids for certain areas. So this has been a great asset for us. One of the things that I am excited to use with my daughter is the chapter books or literacy units. I want to read Box Car Children with her. I was in love with the fact that it had questions, vocabulary, writing, and etc. There are just something that I need to finish up first for reading before I begin to use them. I love the variety in the literacy unit. I really hope that they add more books. Oh…..I just noticed they had Junie B. Jones in the literacy unit studies… daughter will be so happy and cooperative to be able to read her choice of book 🙂

One of the things I think that is a great bonus with this site is that there are teacher helpers and worksheet generators. You can create you own word searches, multiple choice, and fill in the blank worksheets. I love that they also have printable awards as well. I do like to create my own worksheets at times. There are also other templates to create things you may need like flash cards, fortune tellers, and brain teasers. You can also print out lined paper as well for writing practice.

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Super Teacher Worksheets

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