Super Teacher Worksheets Review

Super Teacher Worksheets

Lately I seem to find myself looking for worksheets for review for the kids, more so my son as we learn skills and if we don’t use them it’s like he files it away in his brain but retrieving it sometimes is an issue. I also have been enjoying building on the kids skills as well. Super Teacher Worksheets has been able to fill the gaps for me when it comes to finding things for review as well as new things I can introduce to the kids. I was given an Individual Membership for this review.

Super Teacher Worksheets has many different categories for printable worksheets. The resources fall into the categories of math, reading & writing, phonics & early literacy, handwriting, grammar, spelling lists & Worksheets (grades 1- 5), science, social studies, holiday, puzzle & brain teasers, teachers helpers, pre K and kindergarten, and make your own worksheets. They are also always adding new worksheets and printable to their website. The age group for this is pre k – grade 5.

The printable here are beyond amazing. I can find something for almost everything we are currently working on to print and add into our curriculum. One of the things I am going to incorporate into our geography on Friday’s is printing the mystery states where the kids have to figure out what state it is and write down some facts. I plan on printing paste states that we have worked on so it might refresh their memory. I had to get a little ahead before I started this with reviewing it for them. There are so many worksheets to learn maps of the United States, States and Capitals, and State Abbreviations. Seriously gives the kids a variety with our current curriculum. I am also going to be adding nutrition printable as well to our health curriculum. I will be using the fall printables really soon as well during our circle time.

How I Used This:


Each week I would print out worksheets for us to use daily in mainly math and reading. I used money and have been working on rounding with my son. I keep reviewing money with him as that is one thing he struggles with. It’s the coins more so than anything. My daughter I have been reviewing addition as well as working on subtraction. I also started using Reading Comprehension Grade 1 for my daughter just as review for her reading. This past year her reading has really blossomed and I have been wanting to make sure that she is comprehending what she reads.


The worksheets do not take the kids a long time and they actually really enjoyed them. My daughter really liked the short stories that she read. There are questions that go along with the stories that she read. I really liked how she was able to work and answer them easily. We are going up another level in reading so it will be interesting to see how she does.

Another thing I keep reviewing with the kids is grammar. One of the things we have worked on from that section is the nouns. My daughter did love the cut and paste where she had to put the correct word in the correct column of people, place, thing, or idea. She was able to do that. I used this with my son as review. The cutting was good for my son as he was able to work on fine motor with out even knowing it.

I also printed handwriting worksheets. I used them daily with my son as he has really bad tremors and his fine motor is not very good. I am trying to get him to shape the letters better. It’s work in progress.

I am really amazed with Super Teacher Worksheets as there is so much variety. I also really like the fact that as your looking at things they tell you the suggested grade levels it was meant to be used for. Another really nice feature is that you can create your own worksheets of word searchers, fill in the blank, and multiple choice. Those come in handy when you are making unit studies or you want to make a quick test for the kids.

If you have a child that you are looking to review certain things, or are a homeschooler or teacher then this is the site for you. There is so much variety your are bound to find what you are looking for.

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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