Summer Is Going By Fast


This summer has really went by fast. I can’t believe that tomorrow is already August 1st. Our summer really hasn’t been that great. I know we still have a month left before we go from our summer schedule to our regular schedule for school. This summer we have had a lot of rain and if we were lucky we had a day in between where it wasn’t raining. This has been going on since May. The last few days we have finally had a chance to dry out.

On top of the rain there were a couple weeks where the kids have been sick. I think I got sick worse then everyone in the house. I am pretty sure it was some sort of upper respiratory infection. My oldest seems to have it now. Thankfully he can keep his germs at home.

We did get a chance to sneak in a couple trips. One was to the Pine Crest Historical Society. We learned there that they have a Wild Bill Day in a couple weeks. I am hoping that we can skip our normal August routine of the Shanty Days Parade and head out to see the re enactment of Wild Bill. Laura Ingall Wilder Days is also going on that weekend too. So I am not really sure what exactly we will be doing. Lots of things going on at once. We had some nice park days with some friends and other homeschoolers.

My daughter also has been drawing more and getting more creative. I noticed she is doing some mixed media, which she has been doing all on her own. She also has been asking to paint more too. Today she spent over an 1 1/2 hours painting. I thought she did a wonderful job. Since Easter last year she has been working on her drawing of people, thanks to my friends son. He has a talent of drawing cartoon characters and comics and gave her pointers. Since then she has been listening to what he has been saying.

I have been wanting to take some time for me but I haven’t made the time. I haven’t been feeling the greatest since it has been hot and humid. It’s been wrecking havoc on my blood pressure and heart rate. So I haven’t been felt like doing much. I have been wanting to do some painting. One of my friends has been doing a kids drawing and painting each week. I have been wanting to sit with my daughter and do it with her. I think tomorrow or even maybe later tonight we might try doing some watercolor paintings. I just picked up some paint that was on clearance. There was a whole brand they were clearancing at Hobby Lobby. So I picked up some metallic colors. I also want to try pouring paint on canvas. I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Hopefully really soon. My daughter also has been doing a mosaic with my Dad. We have to go back and visit as they need to finish it. She did a really good job on it so far.

I feel accomplished as today I planned out what things we would have on our homeschool schedule come September. My new school year actually starts tomorrow but we are still on a summer schedule of working only on reviews and math. I want to make sure they don’t lose their math skills. My daughter has also really enjoyed reading this summer too. I am proud of her as she set a side each time on her own each day to read. I already know what the kids want to do for electives so that was pretty easy. I have all the curriculum picked out and ready to go for the new year.

What have you been doing this summer?

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