Sticker Play: Knights, Dragons and Castles App Review

If your child loves the medieval times then you have to check out Sticker Play: Knights, Dragons and Castles. This is an amazing app that we seriously could spend hours playing. This is interactive sticker book with sound and animation.


There is a wide variety of knights, king, queen, dragons, catapult, battering rams and many other things to choose from to make your scenes. You have 5 different scenes to choose from.


When you are looking through the stickers at the top you slide to the left to scroll through them. You just drag and drop the sticker into the scene where you want them. It’s really as simple as that. The one really nice thing is that you can reduce, enlarge, rotate or even flip an item. My son didn’t really notice that when he was doing it as he was so into making a scene. I did end up showing him but I guess he prefers the bigger images.


You can even close out the app and come back to it. Meaning what you were working on will be there when you return.

This app is recommended for ages 5 – 9. My son is 12 and he absolutely loves. I think the whole family can enjoy this one.

Our Thoughts:

My sons exact words, “This is epic.”

My son really enjoyed this app and he has spent a lot of time creating different scenes. He has created mostly battle scenes. I had to ask him to create a non battle scene for my review. Don’t get me wrong you will see a battle scene he created. I love how he sits and ponders for a big while he is looking through the stickers to make his scene. I also like that once he was finished he would talk about his scene.

The possibilities are endless. You probably won’t have two scenes that are exactly alike, well similar but not alike.

We found this app to be very simple to use. We really liked the sound effects and the animations in the app.

This would be a great addition if you were working on a medieval theme in your homeschool.

Below you will see my sons creations:

image (1)


image (2)




This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can purchase Stickers Play: Knights, Dragons and Castles in the app store for $2.99.


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