Stepping Stones Together Review

Stepping Stones Together is a website dedicated to Beginning Reading. It was created as a valuable parent-child resource for beginning reading skills. This emergent reading program is most appropriate for children between the ages of 3 – 7 dependent on when they are ready to read.

In my honest opinion I think the program is very affordable. You have two options a 3 month membership for $19.99 or a full year for $39.99. I like the fact that there is five categories to each series: Animals, Fairies, Princesses, Sports, Superheroes, and Transportation. So there is something to get a child interested in reading. The combination of all the books uses 220 High Frequency Words, more than 200 vocabulary words inclusive of the 95 most common nouns in childrens books.

I love the fact that stories are not very long. They are about 5 – 7 pages. When you print them out it is black and white. It gives your child a chance to be creative and color the book the way that they want it to look. I used this with my son. There was an incentive chart to check off as we went along. My son liked that as I let him check things off as we were finished. I didn’t get to see the flash cards to use with the book. I like the idea they have games to use with the book to make it more interesting in learning. They not only learn how to master the book that way but they learn the words. What I liked most was that the books gave the parents an idea of questions to ask the children before and after the book. The daily writing sheets were great because we looked at the pictures first and it gave my son a chance to write down what he thought the book would be about as well as drawing a picture. In case your wondering what category we picked he chose the Superheroes.

I was very impressed with the website and I myself am currently thinking of getting my own subscription so I have full access to the website. That way I can incorporate the high frequency word flash cards and be more effective with the books. I don’t feel that this program is expensive. I have seen sites that charge a lot more but are not as creative as this site.

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