Starting Over in Math – Free Math Printable

Well I have noticed that Dakota is having a hard time with Math once again. Not sure where we are going wrong but it’s like he learns and forgets it right away. I know part of this is from the autism. It’s a little frustrating at times going forward and then falling two steps behind. I really like the Math that the school uses but I have to put that on the back burner.

A friend of mind has encouraged me to us MEP Math. We just started it today. It’s a nice way to review with Dakota too. That way if I am missing something we can focus on that a little bit longer. We started using Year 1. It consisted of patterns and pairs and shortest, longest, and tallest. At first he had a little trouble catching on to the patterns. Which I was surprised because he was ALWAYS good at patterns. Once we continued on farther he got the hang of it. The only problem he had was with the pairs. So I decided to make a worksheet to visually show pairs. It has a short little explanation along with examples.

What I really like about the MEP Math is that has the math pages, lesson plans, copy masters, and the answers. So when in doubt I can check the answers.

In case your wondering MEP Math is offered free and it’s all printable and viewable in PDF format.

If I figured it out correctly we can have Year 1 done in 2 weeks if all goes well. If not I will be creating a lot of printables and will be sharing. Later on I plan to make some detailed units in Math. My focus right now though is Language as that is where Dakota Struggles the most. I have a new Language Unit that will be releasing soon. I just have to redesign my cover. Your more then welcome to check out the units I have available at CurrClick if your intersted.

Anyway onto the freebie.

What Is a Pair – WKSHT



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