Starting Some New Family Memories With A Year of Painting

PicMonkey Collage

Lately I have been doing a lot of thinking. I think that all of us spend way to much time on electronics. I have been wanting to make more memorable moments with the kids. I don’t want them to grow up and say well I spent so much time on playing video games we didn’t do anything fun. In fact I try to remember things my parents and I did and I can’t but that was only because my parents owned a bar and it wasn’t always easy for them to get away. So we have been adding in more game nights and going places just to get out of the house.

October Painting

Well I have really been into painting lately. I was brainstorming some ideas. I noticed a space on our walls. I thought of the most perfect thing that we could do as a family. It would be fun and unique and it would definitely make great memories. I have decided that at the beginning of each month for a year, we would buy some canvas and we would each paint our own picture. The theme is whatever holiday is that month. This month is Halloween so we each got a canvas and painted what we wanted. We used acrylic paints to paint with. I had bought an ebook on how to draw different things for Halloween. My son, daughter, and husband each printed off a page and went to town. I had my own idea in my mind.

Dakotas Grim Reaper

Dakota my youngest son didn’t really want to get off his game. He seemed really crabby and resentful of the idea. I didn’t care because it meant family time. He drew his character which was the Grim Reaper and he painted his. I feel that he rushed some. I wasn’t going to argue as I felt that it was the time to pick and choose my battles. He did come upstairs and he did participate. So I let him be finished.

Brittany's Owl

My daughter decided to do an owl. She was excited that she could paint with whatever color she wanted. She drew hers in chalk and kept erasing. Then she for the most part used the paint we already had out to use in our paintings. She took her time and was painting for awhile. She was having fun and saying things like, Mom your going to love this when I am done. The one thing I noticed that she likes to do is paint. She also wants to do another owl painting tutorial with me and we will be doing that in the next few days.

Earl Haunted House

My husband did a haunted house theme. He started his in chalk. Then he used black paint to make the outlines. One thing he said was that he didn’t think he could just paint a picture because he needs lines for definition. I don’t think his turned out bad. He does want to go back and add in a little more color by the hill. I kind of like the black outlines. He feels it looks more like a picture.

My oldest son didn’t participate as he had to work. I have been asking him if he wants to paint a picture but he says he can’t paint and he isn’t sure if he wants to try. That’s fine I won’t pressure him. If he wants to join us in the next round that is ok too.

My Witch Painting

I decided that I wanted to do a witch. I didn’t really care for the witches in the how to draw book. So I decided that I wanted to paint one stuck in a cauldron. I had seen several ideas but none of them painted. For the purple background I felt the paint was to dark when I first started. I didn’t want to lighten it up that much with white paint so I added more water to the paint to give it the lighter look.

We have a spot on our living room wall where we hung our paintings. Each month we will change the theme of our paintings.

Next month’s theme is Thanksgiving. I am not sure what we will paint at this time. We will come up with it next month and I will share what we come up with. I think this will be a fun challenge for us. It will be something fun to look back on when the kids are older. A great keepsake. I think I want to try something new every year. I am tired of the same old crafts we do each year that it is time for a change.

2 Responses to “Starting Some New Family Memories With A Year of Painting”

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    I LOVE this idea!! We love to paint for fun around here, but I always have a difficult time either coming up with ideas of what to paint, or figuring out what to do with the paintings once they’re finished. I love how this gives the activity a little bit of direction and I love how you did it as a family!
    Lisa/SyncopatedMama´s last blog post ..31 Days of Great Children’s Music: Hide ‘Em in Your Heart

    admin Reply:

    I know there is going to be some months that don’t have holidays. I will figure something out as we go. I want to do this for one year so that each year we can rehang them on the wall. It was really fun to do as a family and see what everybody’s results were. So I decided our themes will be holidays and when there isn’t a holiday we will improvise somewhere. I am going to try to post our results each month.

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