Spaceport Sheboygan and Cosmic Bounce – Fun, Learning and Bouncing!

Spaceport Sheboygan and Cosmic Bounce

Last weekend we stopped at Spaceport Sheboygan and Cosmic Bounce. The kids had fun and hands on learning, along with some serious bouncing!


Spaceport Sheboygan is located in Sheboygan’s South Pier District, Spaceport offers hands on science fun and entertainment. New exhibits and old favorites. Land a space shuttle in the simulator or investigate launching a ring with electro-magnets. See actual Mission Control Consoles and much more.

It was an interesting place. I think though we went at an off time as a lot of the hands on activities weren’t plugged in. Some of the lights on the other side were turned off and the volunteer didn’t know how to turn them on. I was a little disappointed. This just means we will go back again another day. I might try to do it with a homeschool group.



This was the gravity table. If you spun the rings in the center it would stay there for a longer time because of the magnetic north pole. Something along those lines. As it left the middle it would spin off the circle. It was rather interesting at how the lady was explaining things to us. She also told us about where the rockets launch and why they do. It’s cheaper on gas. If you launched in the Great Lakes you would be using more gas to get to space. There are a couple places the shuttles land too. It is because they need the space to land because they are coming in so fast. I didn’t realize any of the reasoning behind it. Very interesting.



I don’t really remember what this was all about. I just thought it was pretty neat as it was older. Once again when we go back I hope to learn more about some of the pieces that they have there.



I think these were meant for the kids to do a STEM project with. They do things for the schools as well as homeschool groups. I really liked these as they had a lot of color.



The controls look kind of old. They were really neat to look at. I don’t know if these were in the control centers or actually on the rockets. I kinda had to breeze past these as the kids wondered to the other side so fast. My daughter wanted to try the different hands on activities.



These are actually the space shuttle wheels. They are really big and the rubber is very thick. They are tall too.

They did have a really neat experiment where they had different bottles filled with different weights. It was how heavy you would feel on each planet. There was really heavy ones and really light ones. It was really neat to see and visual the difference of each planet.

Cosmic Bounce


Cosmic Bounce is a kids bouncy heaven! There are 7 different areas they could bounce, climb and slide. We spent a good couple hours here and just let the kids go and have fun. There was a spaceship maze, at first my daughter was really afraid to go in it for some reason. I think her favorite was the big slide and the obstacle course as that is where she spent the most time. The nice thing about this place is you can spend the whole day there, leave and come back that same day. The price was pretty awesome too! It is upstairs from the spaceport.

All in all we had a great couple hours and we plan to revisit both again in the near future. It is a drive for us but well worth it spending the day watching the kids have a blast. The Blue Harbor Hotel is across the street. It has a water park in it. We didn’t visit the hotel this time but next time. We may just split our time between the two.

If you are in Sheboygan, WI and are looking for something fun to do with the kids. I highly recommend checking out Spaceport Sheboygan and Cosmic Bounce. The kids will have a blast.




2 Responses to “Spaceport Sheboygan and Cosmic Bounce – Fun, Learning and Bouncing!”

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    Dawnita says:

    This looks so much fun! We have a nice air museum a few hours from us, but that’s about it. Everything else is too far & too expensive. Maybe someday there will be something…
    Dawnita´s last blog post ..Be Unique #AfterMyCoffee Linkup

    admin Reply:

    Everything is pretty much driving distance for us here. There are a few things that are close but the really neat things we have to drive. I understand how you feel. Some are really expensive too. I didn’t think the price was bad for the kids as the adults got in free.

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