Sort N Learn Pelican – Tiny Love – Review

For me picking toys out for my daughter is not easy as I am very picky.  Well I found out that  there is a toy website called ebeanstalk, dedicated to selecting good, safe toys and baby gifts. They need help from moms like me to help pick toys that their children will love. The toy they sent is called Sort n’ Learn Pelican from Tiny Love, who makes great developmental toys .


When I opened the box my daughter was screeching and pointing with excitement. We sat for over an hour playing with this toy. I swear that her favorite shape was the green circle as she kept grabbing that and playing with that one shape the most. This is the longest my daughter has played with any one toy so I know she had to really like this.

I found that the Sort N Learn Pelican toy was very unique as while playing kids can learn three langauges English, French, and Spanish. Another nice thing about this toy was it had three settings music, shapes, and colors. Kids definitely can learn while having fun. I found that this toy is very good for their motor skills as they are picking up shapes putting them into the correct shape, opening and closing, tossing shapes into the beak. This is definitely better then the traditional shape sorter box.


IMG_1227 IMG_1228

This toy is of very good quality and the durability is fantastic. My daughter tumbled it a bunch of times. She even kinda tossed it across the floor. Nothing came apart and no little pieces broke off.

I would highly recommend this toy to other mothers and honestly had I not been sent this toy I  would have bought it at Christmas time for my daughter. I am very picky when it comes to toys for my daughter. I am always looking for good quality toys as well as educational toys. This by far surpasses my expectations. I give this toy a thumbs up! I will be showing my neighbors this toy after I finish writing this as they kids my daughters age.

To finish this review off I am going to share a short video of my daughter playing with her new toy! I forgot to turn the sound on the toy so there is none.

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