Sesame Street Stories is Now At PlayTales App Review and Giveaway



If your children love stories then they will fall in love with Playtales. Playtales Gold is a subscription service that is very reasonable. It provides your child with unlimited interactive stories and activities for kids ages 1 – to 12. My favorite part about Playtales is that it incorporates learning and fun into its stories which are designed to help children learn new vocabulary, spelling, numbers, word pronunciation, and so much more.

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As you can see there is different categories of books. Sesame Street is the newest addition that has multilingual stories. This is the first time that Sesame Street is available in 4 different languages in one app. You can find them in English, Spanish, Italian and German. The first story to launch is “Elmo Loves You!”.

Elmo Loves You is a very cute story about the different things babies and people love. Most importantly Elmo loves you. The story has three modes: Read to Me, Read to Myself, and Auto Play. We did the Autoplay. We look forward to seeing more Sesame Street books getting added. Sesame Street was a favorite when I was a kid and is surely a favorite of my daughters as well. Although my favorite was Cookie Monster and my daughters is Elmo.

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There is a new Games Corner where your child can color, draw, solve puzzles, find matching pairs, solve picture hunts, sing-a-long songs and so much more.

There is even personalized stories that you can add your childs photo to become part of the story.

My daughter loves Playtales. There is so much for her to do and she never gets bored. Her favorites so far are the Elmo Loves you and Pocoyo. I think her favorite activity by far is the sing-a-long songs. The girl loves to sing. She loves listening to the stories. Sometimes she listens to them more then once. I like it because I like to see her smile and get excited at the same time. Playtales is an awesome source for unlimited reading and fun.

You can subscribe for 4.99 a month. you can do semi annual for 9.99 and annual for 19.99. You do get a free trial before the subscription kicks in to see if you like it.

This is compatible with iPad, iPodtouch and iPhone.

Please note: I was not paid for this review. I did receive a 3 month membership to try out Play Tales and check out the Elmo Loves You Book. The opinions in this blog post are 100% mine. 

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