Self-Paced Bible: Old Testament 1 Genesis to Joshua Review

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My daughter has really been enjoying study the Old Testament: Genesis to Joshua in Self-Paced Bible from Veritas Press. This Self-Paced Bible is perfect for the whole family. It really brings the bible stories to life and keeps kids wanting to learn more.

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The Self-Paced Bible has 128 class periods that cover 32 Biblical events. It has an interactive teaching approach using videos, games, talking characters, and song. The song itself is helps you memorize the chronology of the events that happened. The games help you memorize the dates, names, and places. There are activities, and even tests. You can keep track of the scroring of tests.

How We Used This: 

My daughter did a lesson each day. She really enjoyed it. There are times were she wants to keep going and sometimes I let her and other times I don’t. Just depends who our day is flowing and what else needs to be done.

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She really loved the talking characters. They are both people and cartoon characters. The videos don’t last that long as they switch between the videos and the activities. The activities are basically what you just watched in the video and it is also a review of the things you have learned in the past. So it really kind of tests you as you work through it on what you have learned. I think is really a nice feature. The activities include putting things in order, matching, true and false, and answering multiple choice questions. I know there is more I am forgetting to list but that is to give you a little peak into it. At the end of every topic there is a test. I love the fact that it keeps score for you as you are working through the topics.

The lessons really only took us about 20 minutes to work through. I don’t think that is bad at all. In fact time goes fast when your working through it. It’s like reading the Bible and seeing it in real life. It’s in depth but yet not overwhelming so it can be understood.

There is a parent side as well and you have a separate log in from the student. You can see their progress. I didn’t have to use that side really as I sat with my daughter while she did the lesson and I already knew what her grade was.

As I watch her do the lessons, I am able to see just how much she is retaining when the review parts come up from previous lessons. I am amazed at just what she is retaining. She pretty much gets it all right. Except for one of the lessons in Cain and Able as it was true and false and she got a little confused where she was putting things. It wasn’t that it was confusing it was that she was putting them in the wrong baskets. Her tests she does very well and gets them all right. I am rather proud of her.

I absolutely really love this program. I love that it is self paced. Your not rushed through it and your not overwhelmed at all. I love watching my daughter learn the Bible and I really enjoy her having fun while she is learning as well. She almost has the song memorized and she loves to sing it when it comes on.

If your looking for a way to engage your child in learning the Bible, I highly suggest checking out the Self-Paced Bible. It is a great program that will keep kids engaged and want to continue to learn.

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Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review

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