Second Chance – Book Review

I have had the chance to review Second Chance: How Adoption Saved A Boy With Autism and His Shelter Dog by Sandra J. Gerencher. I can’t tell you how much this book touched my heart. I won’t tell you the whole story as you really MUST read it for yourself. It’s about a dog that was adopted from a shelter. The story is told through the dogs eyes. He meets his new family and has many questions. Believe it or not the boy answers all his questions. The dog is in heaven with the answers. The story even explains a little bit of Autism.

I can relate to this story in my life as my son has autism. My son loves animals. We have a dog of our own. My son loves to bring the dog into his room to feed her and just to be with her so he doesn’t feel alone. My son’s actions with our dog is nothing like in the book. There is something about an animal where they can tell our feelings and provide us with comfort. In this story it was the total opposite. The boy comforted the dog and the dog was so happy because no one understood him before.

I highly recommend this book. It’s good for people of all ages. I promise it will make you smile just reading it. I smiled and had tears!

6 Responses to “Second Chance – Book Review”

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    femmepower says:

    Thanks for the heads up.The storyline seems interesting,I’m gonna check it out.You truly deserves the Humane Blog Award I have for you!I don’t pass awards without checking.Through your posts,I believe you have a heart of gold.
    I’ll be glad to see you grab it.=)
    .-= femmepower´s last blog ..Humane and Loyal Blog Awards for Femmepower =-.

    admin Reply:

    You are welcome. The story is wonderful. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading it. Very touching. Thank you for nice comments! Hope you have a great Sunday.

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    COUNTRY MOM says:

    That sounds so great. We love all of our animals here. I wish we could bring every animal home we see. We have picked up dogs and looked for their owners often. So many people drop animals off because they think it’s ok since it is the country. So sad:( Thanks for sharing. Blessings,
    .-= COUNTRY MOM´s last blog ..Friday Freebies… =-.

    admin Reply:

    That is really sad to hear that people just drop them in the country like that. You never know what is going to happen to them. I think it’s pretty cruel to do that. Your Welcome. I found this story truly touching. I didn’t expect it to be through a dogs eyes but you know what it made the story that much much better.

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    Dear Stacie,

    Thank you so much for such a heartfelt review of Second Chance. Sandra (the author) and I both appreciate your efforts on behalf of the book.

    Best wishes,
    Nicole Langan
    Tribute Books

    admin Reply:

    You are very welcome. It was my pleasure 🙂

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