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ARTistic Pursuits Review

My kids had no idea that learning how to make sculptures could be so fun and messy at the same time. We received the Sculpture Technique Model book by ARTistic Pursuits, Inc. for this review. This particular book is geared for kids in upper elementary through high school. If your looking to add art to your homeschool curriculum I high suggest checking out ARTistic Pursuits as your child will learn a lot about art and have fun at the same time.

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The Sculpture Technique Model teaches students to explore their creativity in a world of three dimension. It teaches them the process and concept of working with different materials such as water putty, pottery, and fiber arts. The children work with the different materials and learn hands on the the elements of sculpture. In this book the students learn about the elements of mass, scale, and surface in three different units. Some of the different techniques they will learn about are: wet felting, needle felting and coiling, pinch and slab pottery building.

You can go at your own pace in the book. You don’t have to start in the beginning you can start where you want. The materials are listed so you know what you need to purchase ahead of time. The nice thing is the student is self regulated it tells them when they need to stop and come back to the project. You will have to allow for drying time of the materials.

How I Used This: 

I started out using this with my son, but my daughter saw how much fun we were having and wanted to join us. I also felt that working with the different materials and doing sculptures would help work on my sons fine motor skills as well. For example, you have to shape things and use your pincher skills at times. He struggles with some of these areas in fine motor. We spent a lot of time using the putty making different objects. We are now awaiting our clay and tools to arrive to start the next section. Honestly I can’t wait for it arrive.

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In the sections we were working on the kids learned about mass, static mass, and dynamic mass. The last project in this section took us a while to do as you need to shape your object to look like it shows movement. There were so many things that kids could have picked. We did the last project with some of our homeschool friends. The kids had a nice variety and we had to get creative to figure out how to make a couple of the them stand. The girls picked a butterfly, the boys picked a snake, and a fox.

The water putty we worked with was messy and you have to be careful with that. You have to wash it off the best you can before completely washing your hands as you don’t want that going down your drain. You have to work a little quicker with water putty, you have about 30 minutes once you mix it before you can’t really do anything with it anymore. Water putty is inexpensive and you can find it at the hardware store.

We actually did the projects in this unit twice as I had bought a big container of water putty to use. I loved watching both of them get really creative in what they were doing. When you work on the lesson it’s not really overwhelming at all. The reading is short and I believe it gives you a good example. When it’s time to the project they tell you everything you will need. I loved how their were picture directions to show them the steps. The reason we did this twice was the first time we made what the book showed they made. The second time around they had to come up with their own ideas of what to make. It gave them creativity and a way to blossom with what they learned.

We didn’t have the clay or tools to start the next section but I have ordered them so we can move on. I looked ahead and the clay sculptures that they will be making look really fun. It will be interesting to learn to work with fiber as well. The projects in this book have been and continue to look fun.

I love the different ARTistic Pursuits Books as each of them are hands on learning different techniques in different areas. The kids are engrossed and have fun. Children learn critical thinking, art history, hands on vocabulary, art appreciation, and art techniques. The lessons are colorful and short. The nice thing is they get to make choices on how they want to do their projects. It’s not them being told what to do. This is actually one of my favorite art curriculums to use with the kids.

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ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review

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