Science Shepherd Introductory Science Level A Review

Science Shepherd Review

At tax time I was looking around for a new science program for the kids. I came across Science Shepherd and was intrigued that each lesson for science had a video. So I knew at that point I really wanted to give this curriculum a try. I purchased Introductory Science Video Course and purchased two workbooks for level A. The ages for this course are 6 – 11. There is a Level A and Level B workbook. I also purchased the Answer Key in case there was something I didn’t know.


The Introductory Science is a complete science course. The course is divided up into 35 weeks. The topics in this curriculum are: creation, meteorology, geology, oceanography, plants, astronomy, under water creatures, flying creatures, land creatures, human beings, health, ecology, matter, energy, motion and magnets. As you can see there is a nice variety of things to be taught. Each video is about two – five minutes. I highly suggest having the workbook along with the videos. The work book touches on each lesson and reviews what they have learned from the videos. There are also activities that you can choose to do as well.

Level A Workbook – ages 6 – 8

Level B Workbook – ages 9 – 11

How We Use This:


We do science 4 – 5 days a week depending on our schedule. We worked on a lesson a day. We started out by watching the video and the worked in the workbook. I love the fact that there are activities through out the book. It reinforces the lessons and adds in a little fun to the learning.

I really like the fact that the lessons are short. It allows me to still work on science and I can add in other things if I need to. I really like the fact that their is a video with each lesson as it not only gives kids a visual of what they are learning, but it is someone else teaching them the concept and not just me.

The nice thing is you can work at your own pace. You can do a lesson or two depending on how much time you want to spend. The activities you do spend a little more time then when there is no activity.

Let me give you a little example of the activities that we have done when we worked on creation. The videos started out and told us in each lesson about creation. On one of the days we were to use clay or play dough and make our favorite animals. My daughter absolutely loved this and she made different animals. It was hard to get her to stop because she was enjoying herself. Another day we had to make a chart of creation. For each day of creation my daughter was draw what God had created. She had a blast doing this as she loves drawing. The nice thing about this is it reiterates what she has already learned.

There are also puzzles included in the lessons. The puzzles could be a word search, matching, or labeling. Not every lesson has a puzzle or activity. It is a nice addition to add on to the learning.

I am  happy to have found a curriculum that the kids really seem to like. It’s fun, engaging, and doesn’t take up a lot of your time. So they are learning something in that short period of time. There are days it takes us 5 – 10 minutes. There are also days where I add into what we are learning by doing hands on activities. It just depends on the topic.

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Science Shepherd Review

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