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When I look for homeschool curriculum, I tend to look at curriculum that is all laid out for me. The reason behind that is that it makes lesson planning for me so much easier. I don’t mind having to print things out to use. This year I have had to find some fillers for our curriculum. is place where you can find curriculum for a while year, and curriculum to fill your needs. You will find every subject and more for grades Preschool to Grade 12. For this review I received a Yearly Membership, which at this time there is a great deal going on. From now through January 31 you can purchase a year for $90.

There are so many things to like about I really like the ease of use because I can search by subject or by grade. I also like that there is a scope and sequence section as it tells you what each grade level should be doing, but it also gives you links to places on the site to find exactly what you need for that grade. So it really goes above and beyond just telling you what it is you need. There is a Special Needs section that contains different resources to help your child excel. I really like the different ideas suggested, articles,  and the encouragement that you can find. There are days homeschooling a special needs child is a struggle and that is so real!

One of the classes that I have used with my daughter is the Elementary Art. We are really enjoying it. Each week you have a lesson where you learn about an artist. There is a little reading and some suggested library books. There is also a art project to accompany what you have learned. Again I love this because it is already laid out for me, which makes it so much easier to teach.

One of my sons aboslute favorites has been accessing the video library. The video library has an amazing selection of videos. There are videos for a lot of different subjects, which I found intriguing. There are also quick links so you can search by subject: kids, art, apologetics, Bible, electives, foreign languages, geography, history, language arts, math, marriage, missions and persecution, music, parents, science, and video courses. I wasn’t kidding when I said they had a lot of different subjects.  We have just started using Drive Thru American History. The nice thing is that with each video there is a printable that you can print and use along with the video. They are just comprehension questions of what you have watched. It goes a step further for the older kids, into essay questions as well.

Another feature to is World Book. You can use it like an encyclopedia, but it also has some really neat extras to it. You can look things up by subject or grade, and some of the courses through out use the books in the curriculum. There was a section I found while exploring World book. After we finish up the Drive Thru History videos, I plan on looking into these lessons I found. I clicked on Social Studies Power and I found different categories. One of the categories I had picked was People and Culture. When you click it, it brings up different categories. I would start at What is Culture? As I looked through this, I found lessons, quizzes, critical thinking, expansion ideas, and an inquire project. Everything was all laid out for the lessons. I liked the fact that it had quizzes and other things to go along with the lesson. You can really expand her on what you are learning. There is also a Science Power that is very similar as well. I really was both happy and excited when I found discovered this as I was looking through each category in World Book. I think this year we will be accessing this feature a lot for both Science and History for my son.

There is a lot of value to a, and every year it just gets better and better. Everything you need is just a click away. When you are looking at a particular grade and at specific subjects you have so much to choose from. It isn’t just one or two categories or something so specific. You have really genuine ideas of choices to pick from. I think that is one of the things that make this really wonderful. You don’t just have your basic classes. There are electives to choose from and foreign languages. There really is so much to offer and it truly is such a blessing. I highly suggest checking this out.

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