Save Our Skins Campaign

One thing Dakota and I have learned while homeschooling is that Polar Bears are becoming extinct. We have watched several shows about Polar Bears. They are very interesting animals. Honestly they are one of my favorites so when I was asked to share this campaign I was more then willing.

Save Our Skins is a new campaign by Earth Justice, this is to educate the public about congressional measures that will put a strain on the environment and several species of endangered animals. Earth Justice is a renown non-profit public interest law firm, who is dedicated to protecting Earth and its resources. What I like about this campaign is it tells the story through three animals that have been threatened by a number of anti-wildlife legislation tactics. The three animals are the gray wolf, the salmon, and the polar bears.

The passage of Congress’ current budget bill are a series of anti-Wildlife proposals that would strip Endangered Species protection from the gray wolf, expand offshore oil drilling in the Artic that could harm the polar bear habitat, and take away water intended to restore rapidly declining salmon runs. Sadly, all three of the species are already struggling to stay alive. Polar bears live in the harshest climate on Earth and are now being hit by climate change, salmon must fight there way past damns and irrigation pumps just as more and more of their water is siphoned off for human use; and wolves were slaughtered to the brink of extinction until recovery efforts in the 1990s pulled them back from the edge.

I want to share with you the three stories from the wolf, salmon, and polar bear later. All they want is just to be alive. I don’t think that is too much to ask. If someone was threatening where you live you would want to fight back. Just like children we are these animals voices and they too have a right to be heard. I think that drilling for oil in the polar bear habitat is just selfish as it’s a way for the oil companies to get richer. It doesn’t benefit us in any way except to raise the cost of the prices we pay. All it takes is everyone writing a letter to the Senators Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell. Once I am done posting this I will be doing my part to send a letter.

Before I share the story I wanted to say be sure to follow these animals on twitter:

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Save Our Skins: Interview with Wolf, Salmon, and Polar Bear

If you haven’t been on Facebook or Twitter lately, you may not have met the newest members of the social media circle—except these users have scales, paws, and fur. They are the Wolf, Salmon, and Polar Bear, and they’ve been tweeting away to make sure their protections aren’t stripped away by the latest round of DC politics. With help from their friends at Earthjustice, they started a new awareness campaign called Save Our Skins ( Here’s a recent interview with the three social media-savvy critters.

What is the Save Our Skins campaign? Why did you guys get involved?

WOLF: Save Our Skins is a new campaign that me, Salmon and Polar Bear started to draw people’s attention to Congress’ dirty tricks. They’re trying to gut the laws that protect our wildlife from extinction, and that really makes my blood boil…. Grrrr.

SALMON: It’s sad, but it’s true. It’s bad enough that humans like to eat me—apparently, I’m delicious—but we salmon are also facing a number of threats, from dams that prevent us from spawning to irrigation pumps sucking up all the water. Talk about a punch to the gills…

POLAR BEAR: When we heard that the good folks over there at Earthjustice were lending us a hand, we thought, “Ah heck, why not do some tweeting if that means we can get the word out to save our skins?”

What are the current threats from Congress to endangered species? How would you be impacted?

POLAR BEAR: Well, up here in the Arctic, things are not looking that hot. Actually, I should say they are lookingtoo hot, since climate change is already melting the ice. As a mom raising two young cubs of my own, I’m already worried about them not finding solid ice to rest on as the ice melts away. Now, Congress is considering approving even more oil and gas drilling in the Arctic without much thought for safety or environmental concerns. We heard about what happened in the Gulf of Mexico with BP. If you thought that was a nightmare, can you imagine trying to clean up a huge oil spill in cold, icy waters? I mean, how much stress can a mom really take??

SALMON: At least they’re not trying to eat you…

POLAR BEAR: Yes, but you salmon don’t need to worry about raising kids. You guys just make your way back to your streams, lay your eggs, and then die- I mean…. uhhh…oh dear.

SALMON: Wait, what?? No one ever told me about that! What do you mean we just die after spawning??

WOLF: Way to go, Polar Bear. That’s just what we need right now—Salmon thrashing in his own pool of neuroticism…. Look, let’s cut to the chase: none of us are going to be in great shape if Congress just gets rid of the laws that protect us from extinction. Even a lone wolf needs his pack sometimes, and that’s why we need your help, humans.

What can people do to help protect endangered species like you?

POLAR BEAR: Go to our campaign page: That’s where you’ll be able to send a note to Congress, share the campaign with your friends on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. I think Wolf has the most followers right now, though I don’t quite know why….

WOLF: Because I’m friggin’ awesome, babe. That’s why.

POLAR BEAR: Uh huh. And that’s why you’re always the bad guy in the fairy tales I read to my kids, right? You don’t see polar bears frightening little girls and piglets.

WOLF: That’s because you’re too busy promoting soda and ice cream bars…

SALMON: Wait, can we get back to the spawning question??

What final message would you like to leave for our readers?

WOLF: Join my wolf pack. We need as much help as we can get. And fast. We didn’t survive this long on Earth only to be wiped out by Washington politics….

SALMON: Yes, ditto. Salmon need your help. We’re also really not that tasty. May I suggest tuna instead?

POLAR BEAR: If you don’t want your kids to just read about wolves, salmon, and polar bears in storybooks, please take action. We deserve to be here when your kids grow up. And when your kids’ kids grow up. So please save our skins!

Save Our Skins – The Wolf

Save Our Skins – The Salmon

Save Our Skins – The Polar Bear

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