Sarah Little Fairy and Grandma iPad App Review

Sarah Little Fairy and Grandma – Grandma Gets Lost is a really cute story that helps a child understand what Alzheimer is.

Sarah has a secret doll named Mina who all she has to do is tickle her and say some magic words and Minda comes to life. Sarah turns to Mina when she needs answers or finds herself in a jam.

Sarah and her family are getting the room ready for Grandma Mary, who is coming to live with them. She’s not very well, and everybody wants to help make her feel better. Her illness makes her forget certain things. One day hundreds of shining stars appear in Sarah’s bedroom. Where did they come from? The fairy Mina uses them to show Sarah how to understand Grandma’s illness, Alzheimers. And Sarah can use what she learns to find her Grandma and give the story a happy ending.

One thing I really liked was at the end of the story is set of comprehension questions.

I love the accent that reads the story to the child. The interaction in the story is really nice as well. The graphics are so colorful and happy and even the words to the story you see colorful words that makes it more cheery feeling. I love that this story has a purpose and teaches the child a lesson. I like that the story is easy enough for the child to gatch a glimpse about what Alzheimer is.

You can read this story in 5 different languages. There is a variety of interactive elements. I love that there is additional games. My daughter loves the memory game.

What I find really interesting also is there is clues in the text that show where to discover additional content.

I really enjoyed reviewing this story. I really think this story can be very beneficial if your child is around someone who has .

You can purchase Sarah Little Fairy and Grandma in the itunes store for $2.99. Compatible with ipad.


Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. I did receive a copy of Sarah Little Fairy and Grandma for my review. The opinions in this blog post are 100% mine.

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