Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush Set Review

Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush Set Review

I have only been painting about a year now. I have noticed that up until recently I wasn’t happy with the paint brushes that I buy. They always seem to shed hair. I am not crazy about hair on the canvas as it’s hard to pick out. I recently had the chance to purchase the Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush Set for a heavily discounted price for my review. I must say that this is the best money I have ever spent on a set of paint brushes.

Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush Set

The Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush Set is a good quality brush set for Acrylic, Water Color, Oil, Ink, and Face Painting. The brushes come in a nice sturdy case that zips up, and there are 15 long handled brushes in this set. The brushes are made of fine golden synthetic high quality hair. The case that the paint brushes come with comes with an internal pop up stand, so while painting you have easy access to your brushes.

There is a nice variety of sizes in this set. The sizes range from 000 – 12. The shapes of the brushes are round, flat, filbert, fan, and wide.

How I Used This Product:

Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Paint Brush

I used these brushes to paint a light house painting. I had seen a tutorial on how to draw this painting and immediately new that I had to try. It was a tutorial that was for water colors originally but I decided to do this in acrylic paint.

Santa Fe Art Supply Quality Artist Paint Brush

At first I wasn’t really sure how the long paint brushes would work for me. I wasn’t sure if I would grip them right or if the paint would flow decently. To my surprise everything worked out perfect and I immediately fell in love with them. I could hold the paint brush in the middle, towards the bottom, or at the top and I was comfortable. I felt as though my brush handling was very stable.


My favorite things about these brushes are that I feel more in control with my painting. I don’t see streaks like I did with other brushes. The paint on my brush goes on the canvas very smoothly. The best thing is I don’t lose hair on my canvas from the brush. To me these are great quality brushes and I would highly recommend them.



The brushes you see above are the ones I choose to use in my painting. The 3/4 inch brush is my new favorite brush. Sometimes I have a lot of space to paint in and this really helps me cover the canvas to fill that paint in. The smaller brushes really helped me with the details in the painting.

I can honestly say that I am super impressed with these brushes. They have become my new favorite brushes. I have told the kids they are not allowed to use these brushes. My daughter takes after me and loves to paint with both acrylic and water color. In time when she is responsible then I will let her use them. I also really liked that you can use them for oil painting and water colors as well. I have not tried oil painting yet but I do plan on trying it in the future. I do plan on using these with my water colors as well. I really do highly recommend these brushes!

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. I did receive a heavily discounted price on the Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush set for my review. The reviews are unbiased and are honest opinions which are all mine.

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