S is for Smiling Sunrise Book Review

S is for Smiling Sunrise - Book Review

If your looking for a new take on the ABC’s, I highly suggest checking out S is for Smiling Sunrise by WordsBright. This is the sweetest book for children to learn their ABC’s. What makes this book so special is that it was written by a father for his daughter. The author Vick Wadhwa wrote sing-along rhymes that was inspired by his daughter when she was two years old. The book is great for kids PreK – 3.


S is for Smiling Sunrise is a book of sing-along rhymes that teach positive concepts while learning the alphabet. Another thing that this book focuses on is teaching words and concepts to support vocabulary, language, and character development. The pictures are beautifully done with lots of color and are very captivating to look at. They fit very nicely with the sing-along rhymes.

What is nice is that WordsBright offers a free audio song version of the book and a teaching guide that is available for free to anyone who is interested. The song is really cute and fits nicely with the Alphabet Song.

How We Used The Book: 

What we did first when we received the book was my daughter and I read the book together. After we finished the book we immediately listened to the audio song version of the book. Then what I did was work on a couple letters each day and used the teachers guide to emphasis the concepts.

I want to talk about the teachers guide as I really liked how that was set up. After we read the letter, I turned to the teachers guide we talked about the concepts of what the letter and word meant. There is also a few sentences about the concept. We moved on to the questions and we answered and talked about the answers. There there is a vocabulary list. You can go over the words and talk about the definitions, you could even have your child find the definition in the dictionary and copy the definition if you want. I am just suggesting ideas to the vocabulary list. Then you proceed on to an activity. Each one was different. If there was something we didn’t have we came up with our own activity.

My daughter is 7 and she knows her ABCs, however she really enjoyed this book. The song is catchy and she was singing along with it after a while. She enjoyed the activities that I found in the teachers guide. She was fully engaged in this book. Even if your child is on the older end of this book they are learning new concepts and values which I think is a bonus. It’s nice to find books that lessons to learn behind them. It really does teach them goodness, beauty, and wonder.

B is for Butterfly

My daughter’s favorite letter was B. B is the start of her name and she loves butterflies. We have just started to see butterflies outside fluttering around. So she was excited to spot one. We didn’t get to visit a butterfly garden, but one of the things we are working on is planting a butterfly garden. We are going to grow our own butterflies and release them. This has really stood out to her. What I had my daughter do for an extra activity was to paint a butterfly.


My OverAll Thought:

S is for Smiling Sunrise is a beautiful and sweet book for children. I love that it teaches kids the alphabet and some values. You really couldn’t ask for a better learning book. It is engaging, the rhymes are fun, and the song is a great addition. I highly recommend checking this out.


Wordsbright Review

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