Rio (The Official App for the Movie) Review

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We are so excited about the second movie for Rio coming out. My family can’t wait to see it. In the mean time we are really enjoying Rio (The Official App for the Movie).


In case you didn’t know Blu, is a blue macaw, who lives in Minnesota. With his keeper he is going to Rio De Janiro to meet another blue macaw named Jewel. Once Blu gets to Rio and meets Jewel the unexpected journey begins. There is one thing about Blue. He can’t fly. Will Blu learn to fly? You have to listen to the story to find out.


There is portion for coloring pages. The coloring pages are┬ásome sweet pictures from the movie. Of course my favorites are of Blu and Jewel. My daughter had fun coloring the different pages. There is a nice variety for the kids to use. You can find stickers, paint brush, crayon, chalk, spray paint, paint and I think the last one is an eraser. Each page you color won’t be the same with the choices you make to use to color. I love the different effects of each tool.


There are also a couple of games in this app, which my daughter and I both enjoyed. We played Blu’s Rescue and of course we selected the easy version first. In the easy version you have more control over Blu. The object is for Blu to free the caged birds. You have to eat while you are flying to keep your energy. You have to watch out for obstacles such as monkeys and a white bird. We giggled every time we bumped into something. The hard version you don’t really have the control you have to guide the bird take your finger off so he can drop to release the caged birds. It was challenge.


Then there is Jewel’s Game where you match 3 or more jewels in a row. I believe we played two levels. We did have fun with this as well. Shhh….this one is really addictive.

There is a high score page where you can see who has the high scores.

There is a gated area that only adults can get to, that would access anything outside the app.

This is a really cute app. I like that there is a variety for the kids to do. My daughter and I really enjoyed the colorful pictures in the story. Our favorite game was Blu’s Rescue.

You can purchase Rio (The Official App for the Movie) in the app for $2.99. This is compatible with iPad, iPod, and iPhone.


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