In The Reign of Terror – Audio Drama Review

I love to take a break from the original book work that we do for history to listen to some audio drams. The kids really get into them and enjoy listening to them. The best part is we can listen to them over and over again and not get bored. We recently had the chance to review In the Reign of Terror by Heirloom Audio Productions . For this review we also had the chance to check out their new subscription service called Live The Adventure Club.

In The Reign of Terror about the French Revolution. Harry is 16 year old boy that went to France to teach English to a French Nobleman’s family. He was there to work with Ernest and Jules to teach them English. He was also a companion to Ernest. Ernest wasn’t the nicest of people to him at first. Harry was playing tennis and they heard a dog. The dog was bit by a fox and went rabid. He ended up saving Ernest two sisters from the dog. He put himself out there to save their loves. He at that point finally did earn respect. Even though he wasn’t blood they started treating him more like the family. Then the boys go on a hunting trip and Harry and Ernest save each others life and kill the wolf. The real part of the story comes when the French Revolution reaches Marquis de St. Caux’s home in Burgundy. After this happened there were many trials to come.  The French Revolution was about greed. There were also many there were sentenced to court and killed during this time. I don’t want to tell you to much because really you need to listen to this story for yourself.

There is a study guide that can be used with this CD. The study guide is really nice. It talks about the important people in the CD. It also has questions that you ask after to listening to each chapter on the CD. The questions are comprehension. There is also a section with each chapter that go a little more into depth about the chapter. You also find vocabulary words you can write to define. I think one of things that I really like most about the study guide is the extra tidbits of information they give to expand your learning. One example was about 18th Century Fashion, and there is more some are more tidbits of history during that time. I find this study guide to be very beneficial.

How We Used This: 

I listened to the CD with both the kids. It was hard for us to stop because we wanted to know what happened next. So we listened to it one time through and went back through it again. We used the Live The Adventure Club. I was so really impressed with this. When you look at the bonus content that you get with the audio you get a screen play so you can read along if you choose to. We didn’t use that as we listened to it twice. After each chapter there is a quiz to take. That quiz is comprehension to the story. I absolutely love that. There is also a thinking further section. It not only asks you a little more deeper questions but asks you things like When did the Civil War take place? It takes you into further learning and understanding of what is going on. I really liked that a lot. You can also listen to that chapter right from the website so everything is already on one page when your done to take the quiz.

You also get the book In the Reign of Terror so that you can read it on your own. Another bonus is the original sound track of music from the audio drama, printable cast poster, a study guide and discussion starter, inspiration verse poster, wallpaper, and the original script download.

You can also find kids activities such audio adventures, coloring pages, word searches, and other activities. The other activities is rather neat as they are hands on things to do with the kids. One of the things we are going to do is make the Scottish Shortbread Recipe.

There are resources and articles there for you to read, inspiration, and there is a community. I am really loving getting to know the people of the community. There are different discussions that are constantly going on.

I really think the subscription service is a great benefit as you get the new releases and the bonus content right there on the website with your subscription. They also mail you the physical copies. You have a lot of content at your finger tips. You also have a community that you can reach out to.

There are lessons to be learned about friendship and faith in this CD. No trial is to hard as long as you have faith in God. This can be enjoyed by the whole family!

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In the Reign of Terror {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}

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