Reflections of this past School Year

As I sit here and start thinking of the up coming school year and start to get things ready. I thought about all of Dakota’s accomplishments this year. He has excelled some in math which I am very proud to see. Still struggling with the writing so we will work extra hard at that this year. Reading is getting somewhat better. He has cooperated with me more then I thought he would. I am so proud of him for that. We have sat down and watched for some sales and we have picked out stuff that will interest him and stuff that he wants to learn about.

I have decided to use some enrichment for you stuff. I really liked what I saw as there is a brief explanation and then hands on activities. So I can’t wait to start those in the fall. I am thinking about buying the same mathbook that the school uses. As I like how it touches on new things and goes back to review older stuff. Spelling I am not sure about.

I have also decided that I am going to make some of my own units and put together some lapbooks on my own. Haven’t fully decided if I would sell them yet or put them up for free. As I know money is tight here and I am sure it is for a lot of people. Who doesn’t love freebies?

As I also sit back and think about things. I noticed how much more relaxed Dakota is. He has finally become more social which is awesome. When he was attending the public schools he couldn’t handle even stepping foot in that building without having a anxiety attack and melt downs. No more chest pain. He has a willingness to learn. I am really surprised at how he has turned around. He still really only likes to stay in town. Doesn’t like to go out of town much. To do a lot of things we have to go out of town.

It’s been nice to see him blossom and enjoy himself and be relaxed at the same time. I am looking forward to putting our year together here over the next week or two. School starts here in September I think. However I will slowly start him sometime in the next couple weeks by doing a couple things a day before we get into a full day again. I think we are going to have lots of fun. One of his friends is going to start homeschooling and we are going to work on seeing about starting a co-op if we can.

I know I made the right choice now to pull Dakota out of school and start homeschooling again. I see so many positives. Sure there are areas he struggles in but you know what we will get there. I would much rather see him excel then regress and learn nothing. When he is ready to go back then we will try it again. But for now I am going to enjoy my time 🙂

Stay tuned as I will be sending weekly new to me homeschool links 🙂


6 Responses to “Reflections of this past School Year”

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    It’s a good idea to ease him gradually back into a school schedule. I hope the new year goes beautifully for him and for you.

    admin Reply:

    Thank you! I am hoping it will too. Starting to get ready and I am starting to write some units. Hope it’s easier to do then being said. LOL

  • 2
    Trish says:

    It’s so great to hear that he is doing so well and that you are feeling comfortable with your decisions! You are such a great mama!

    admin Reply:

    Thanks Trish. It’s just amazing seeing him excel now and be happy and be a kid. I feel like I have actually accomplished somethings.

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    Amber says:

    My son needs to work on writing as well. We try to practice every day. His writing is neat, he just makes a lot of spelling mistakes.

    admin Reply:

    Dakota has so much trouble with writing because his dexterity is so bad. His hands are so shaky. We are working on it though.

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