Reflecting on 2016

Homeschool Review Crew Reflecting on 2016
I cannot believe that 2016 has come and is just about gone. This year went by so incredibly fast. It was filled with ups and downs. I know 2017 will bring us some awesome things and I am already looking forward to the new year.


I think one of our biggest highlights was that my husband and I after 15 years, we renewed our vows. We renewed our vows in church and celebrated with the people from church on Valentine’s Day as that is our anniversary. I will never forget and I don’t think the Pastor will either, he will surely have a story to tell, how my husband started getting teary eyed and crying and I looked at him and said why are you crying…I busted out laughing so hard I could not stop. I looked at my friend and if I would have kept laughing you would have heard us both snorting. Who laughs during their vows….I guess only me.

This year was hard on me with my health. We finally after the last year figured out what was wrong with my heart. Electrical not the plumbing. At this point in time, there is nothing life threatening. It feels good to have answers. The sad thing is we tried meds but they fix one thing but effect another so I can’t take them. It’s basically I will have good days and bad. I just work through them. It’s all good. I think the best part for me is having answers. I waited so long for them.

The weather this year has been crazy. A lot of above normal temps this year. We really don’t even have that much snow yet this year. I ┬ápatiently waiting for the really awesome snow storm yet. I know some others probably are not. I think we have been more sick then well with the way the weather has been. My daughter and I just finally got on the mend after two weeks of bronchitis.


This year we are on track with homeschool. We have had interruptions but we are on good time. We have had to make some switches with curriculum and at tax time I will be making some more changes. I think one of my favorites this year is Sassafrass Science by Elemental Science. My daughter is really loving it. I think one of my daughters favorite things this year was raising butterflies from caterpillar and releasing them into the wild. It was amazing to watch them transition. We also have been stuck on learning Spanish with Middlebury Interactive. We have finally completed one whole semester of Spanish. So we will be working on the next semester.

Another big thing I learned this year was my daughter absolutely loves to learn how to cook. She was so happy to get her own little cookbook. She has even cooked us dinner. She wasn’t to crazy about the turkey breading. She did an awesome job making them. I think they turned out delish! So we have been doing some weekly meal planning. Where she gets to cook dinner. My son will shortly join in on this with us. He has decided, at least for the moment he would like to pursue cooking. Possibly even go to culinary school after high school. Hey one step in the right direction.

I have learned that I cannot by superwoman. There are things that I thought I could do, but I can’t. So once again changes will be made. I think they will be for the better. These changes have effected my daughter.


I also have learned a lot about transitioning my son. Thanks to the Yippie conferences we have been going to once a month. It is a series of 5 of them. We have 3 more to go. Lots of information and lots of things to process. It really sure does make planning now a whole lot easier since we have been attending these. I at least understand what we should be focusing on. In the process my son has made a couple really good friends. That is a blessing in itself. I am proud of the gains my son is making as well.

We also were pre approved for a VA loan. We have been house hunting. I have to take care of a couple things so we can get an even better rate. So the house hunting was put on the back burner. We did put an offer in on a house but it was rejected. That is ok. I know there is something out there that I will love and it will be the right fit.

So all in all it really wasn’t a bad year. We had our ups and downs just like any other year. I look forward to 2017. There are many things for me and my family to look forward too.

Hope you all have a wonderful and safe new years!

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Homeschool Review Crew Reflecting on 2016

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