Reading Kingdom Review – Online Reading Program

Reading Kingdom Online Review

One of the things my daughter has struggled with in the past was reading. She has really blossomed in hear reading the past 6 months. Reading Kingdom has been a great asset to my daughter since we have started reviewing it. Reading Kingdom Online is an online programs that teaches children ages 4 – 10 years how to read and write to a third grade level. Reading Kingdom uses Dr. Marion Blanks Six Skill Integrated Method: Sequencing, Motor Skills, Sounds, Meaning, Grammar, and Reading Comprehension.

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The first thing we did was log on and I had my daughter Brittany take an evaluation to find out what level would be most appropriate for her. She was placed in the Sequencing and Letter Land level. At first the lessons would take Brittany a little longer to work through that I had thought we should stop and pick up where we left off but as she got the hang of the program I noticed that the lessons didn’t last as long and she was on her way up in moving onto the next level.

I think in a way my daughter is past the sequencing, however I never really noticed if she knew that words had the same letter combinations but different sounds. Normally if she noticed something like that she would say something. So does she really get the concept of the sequencing, I am not sure.

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As for the Letter Land I really liked this concept as it uses the key board and teaches the kids the layout. In time she will smoothly know how to maneuver the keyboard the right way. She is at least learning where those keys are. She is very visual and I noticed that she has picked this up fast. We have set to use the mouse to the on screen keyboard though. While playing letter land she is asked to match the letter that pops up. This segment does teach upper and lower case letters and beginning punctuation. My daughter does know her upper and lower case letters and she does already know the beginning punctuation.

How We Used This: 

We used this program 3 – 5 times a week depending on what our schedule has been. At first my daughter didn’t seem to care for the program and it was taking her a while to get through a lesson. I at first was wondering how long the lesson was per day. As she caught on to what they were asking (maybe I should say actually listening to what was being asked) I noticed the time of the lesson went a little faster. It takes her roughly 15 – 20 minutes to get through her lesson. Now she actually gets excited when she is finished and proud of herself that she completes the lesson. I think she actually really doesn’t mind using this online program.

I plan to continue using this program with her as I think it will only benefit her reading more and more. In the last 6 months she has really blossomed with both reading and writing words. As I was reading about Reading Kingdom there are some feature that we haven’t really gotten to yet that I think are great assets for my daughter. One of the ways is the sounds of the words. There are words that have the same sound but yet are spelled different and that at times is where she gets stuck. I like the idea that it visually shows the sounds of the words in writing so that she can see the sound patterns. I like the idea that that a child is always working with words and sentences that actually mean something, meaning that she is learning context.

I love that this program is easy for us to use. It was simple starting her and having her evaluated to see the level and just diving right in. I also really like how this will build on her strengths as well. I also felt that she was engaged in the program as well. Maybe not at first but as we moved on through it she was.

There is also a report that opens in excel. You can keep track of what level your students are on and how they are doing, as well as time spent, how many days logged in, and percentage completed. It’s nice to have this report as I have let her do her lesson and let me know so I can see it was completed before it is closed out. Then I have the chance to look at how she is actually doing. Normally I sit right by her while she is using a program so I can see how she does. This time I spent working with my son on his studies while she was moving along fine with the program.

The nice thing about this is that it works anywhere. You can use this on pc or mac and on the android and iOS tablets as well. So you can literally take this anywhere.

Overall I find this program very easy to use, builds on skills a child already has, and it’s nice to see my daughter smile when she completes a lesson and knows she is catching on to what she has been learning.

I also need to mention that you can try this before you buy a subscription. You can do a 30 day trial. So why not evaluate where your child is and start building on their reading skills. It is for all readers from beginning, struggling, to excelerated. I do want to also mention that do have a ASD Reading for Autistic Children.

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Reading Kingdom Review

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