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Do you children love interactive reading games to learn how to read, or become fluent readers? I have struggled to find a good reading program for the kids. Well I don’t have to look any further as Reading Eggs definitely makes learning how to read fun and exciting with online reading games and activities. You can use Reading Eggs with children ages 2 – 13. There are three different levels: Reading Eggs Jr , Reading Eggs, and Reading Eggspress. Reading Eggs is an online subscription that you can subscribe monthly, every 6 months, or yearly. The monthly subscription and the yearly subscription includes access to MathSeeds, which is an online math program for ages 3 – 9.

Reading Eggs Jr is for ages 2 – 4, it is your first step in reading. Your toddler will have with games and activities that build alphabet knowledge and ready to read skills. There is also a huge library of read aloud books. We didn’t use this portion of the program as my children are above this level. I did look into it a little further and it looks absolutely adorable. There are games for letter recognition as well as tracing the letters. So your child is learning how to form and make their letters. There are cute little songs as well to help with learning. It looks very engaging and interesting.

Reading Eggs is for ages 3 -7, and is your learning to read program. It is a self paced structured program that has one on one lessons that teach phonics, sight words, and reading skills. You will also find bonus activities and lessons that teach: spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension. We didn’t use this reading level either as both of my kids are at a higher level.

Reading Eggspress is for ages 7 – 13 and this program teaches the meaning of reading. By the meaning of reading I will give you a few examples: Finding Facts and Information, Sequencing Events, Point of View, and so much more. The lessons are self paced and you are to do a lesson a day. Some are shorter and some are longer. There are ones that do require a little more focus then others. I feel that there is a good amount of reading as well. I am very impressed with this level as finding a program that teaches the meaning of reading for me has been hard. It does focus on comprehension though. Another thing that I absolutely love that I noticed was that there is English Skills, and so far it is spelling. I absolutely in love with that…my son on the other hand is not to crazy about it. He is a terrible speller. You start out with a video and then there is 20 questions, a test, and feed back. For the 20 questions you have to spell the word that is missing form the sentence. It is dictated to you. Then you have an interactive game where you have to find the correct words. There is proofreading and again it is broken up with a game that you have to find the correct words. Then there is a mixed section of the previous things you did. The spelling test is pretty awesome as is says the word and uses it in a sentence. In the Feedback section it tells you what you had wrong and how to spell it. You have to spell the word. There is a stadium in where you can practice or play against players. You can choose easy or difficult. The subjects there, and again, this is another favorite of mine as a mom and teacher: spelling, grammar, vocabulary and usage. You have your structured lessons. There is a library in which you can choose to read different books. The books have tests to make sure you are comprehending what you have read. Now like in the other levels, your child can earn eggs for completing lessons. They can use those eggs to decorate there apartment, and play arcade games. My daughter absolutely loves earning the eggs so she can do extra things. My son on the other hand doesn’t really care.

I did use this with the kids each day. They had to do a lesson and then I also had them choose between the English Skills and the Stadium. The time it took varied. It depended on how fast or slow they moved through each of there lessons. I was very impressed with this program.

Math Seeds is an online math program for ages 3 – 9. It teaches the core math skills and problem solving. The lessons are highly structured so that is a bonus. I didn’t have the chance to try this portion out. It would be good review for both of the kids.

There are a few things that all levels have in common. Each one comes with an assessment test. I really like the assessment test as it places them exactly at their level and they can go forward learning. I didn’t want to start at the beginning because I was afraid of the kids being bored. I found their levels that they tested at to be perfect for them. As it wasn’t to hard and it wasn’t to easy. As you went along it got more difficult.

There are also printable worksheets that you can use for each lesson. I really liked that as it was just extra review for the kids. Each level has this for both reading and math. You can choose to use them or not. You can find the printable worksheets in your parent dash board. There is also a bonus section with interactive videos. Those we didn’t try as I was to focused on the lessons. You will also find a homeschool section for grades K – 2. It is a very colorful sheet that lets you plan out your week on what your child will be studying that week. That way you know what the focus is. I think this would come in very handy with the Reading Eggs Program.

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