Read, Write & Type Review

Read, Write & Type Review

Are you looking for a fun way to incorporate phonics, reading, spelling, and typing? Read, Write & Type by Talking Fingers Inc. is a program for children in grades K – 2. Children learn phonics, reading, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, and even keyboarding. This is a great program for those learning to read or for those that are learning to read and write in English. For this review I received a one year subscription.


Read, Write & Type was developed by the makers of Reader Rabbit. It is packed with colorful characters who live in a fascinating world filled with music and animation, that takes place in a fantasy world in the computer. The keyboard is split in half and looks like your in two different worlds. You have Left and Righty who are teaching you the sounds and letters on the keyboard. They characters help your child stop Vector the Virus from stopping the storytellers from writing their stories. There are 40 different level that build sentences and stories as the children work through each of these levels. After every 4 letter the child earns a certificate that you can choose to print.

Children will learn how to identify beginning, middle and end of words, blend sounds together, spell regular words, read, write, touch type, and word process. There is a really neat feature here where children can write stories in email. It randomly gets delivered to other kids.  You don’t really get a chance to respond to that person. The stories that the kids come up with are very interesting.

How I Used This: 

I used this about 4 times a week with my daughter. I had incorporated this into our Language Arts class. She would always save this for the last thing to do as she really enjoyed this. There were days I had to say ok we need to move on and we can do this again tomorrow. This was learning and having fun all in sitting. If I let her she could play this for hours. That is how much she enjoyed this.

She still in the first 10 levels and I watch her as she works through the program so I actually know how she is doing. On the adminsters/parents side I can see exactly how she is doing. I actually like that. She is working on a total average of 88%. I will take that as it is good but there is room for improvement. Phonics she is working at 80%, Reading 95%, and Spelling 90%. That is where I got the average of 88%. I think those scores are pretty good and I can’t wait to see where she is at when the program is finished.


I like the fact that it said the sounds and letters as she was working through the lessons. I also really liked the fact that she had to type words over and over to bet the Vector Virus. There was a game that you were showed what you were going to type and then it was dictated and she had to write.


When we got to the point of the emails she actually thought she was sending an email and waiting for a reply. I don’t think she understood at first that she could write her own story. Some of the stories that we saw were really creative and really neat. I think that is a great way to promote the creativity in kids.

This has been a great addition to our homeschool. I have seen my daughter blossom through this. I love the fact that she is learning typing and so much more at the same time while have fun. It wasn’t a chore for her to do this. It was something she actually loved and continues to love.

There are also printable resources you can print to go along with the lessons. You can also print off the certificates as well.  I didn’t remember these resources until the very end. I also like the idea of having printable keyboard that she could practice on with out having to be on the computer. These resources are a great addition to add on to what the child is learning.


Another my daughter really liked was the fact that we could print certificates after completing letters. She would always get so excited and she would print them. She has hung them on her wall.

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Talking Fingers Inc. Review

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