Quick Little Update

Well my day started out pretty good. I took Dakota to school and decided I would try to let him walk into school by himself and when I picked him up he met me outside. That seemed to help a little bit with his mood. We shall see how it goes the next few days. I also finally got into contact with his pediatrician. They decided to talk Dakota off one set of pills which I said I thought caused some of the moodiness. Which is nice because he was suppose to take these pills twice a day and they will stop in the morning. They will replace it with a pill that helps him get to sleep. In a week I call back and let them know how it’s going. They said they want to make sure he gets the right sleep and then worry about the ADHD meds. Which is fine with me. As the problems I see with the current med is behaviors that need to be modified anyway. So we shall see what happens now.

Dakota played outside most of the day. Earlier we went to the park. When I got home my daughter had a 102 fever. So off to the ER we went. Only it was the extended office hours so I was happy. We seen a great Doctor. He was really nice and really took the time to explain things. She also is breaking out with a rash. He thinks it’s a viral infection and I am to keep an eye on the fever. If she still has a fever Saturday it’s back we go. We didn’t get back here until 10.

It’s nice and quiet now with everyone sleeping. I wanted to enjoy it but I am actually exhausted myself. It’s suppose to rain tomorrow so I am really not sure what’s going on for tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!

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