Quick Check In

This post will be rather short tonight as I am exhausted. Brittany woke up at midnight just as I was going to bed and then stayed up until 4 AM. So I got about 2 hours sleep. I had to get up early to drop Brittany and Brad off at my parents. Dakota went for his EEG but was fighting sleep. He would not close his eyes for nothing. Don’t know how good the EEG turned out. Hope to get the results next week. But we shall see. He kept fidgeting through the whole thing. Then my dad took DJ for a hair cut. I ran a couple errands. Stopped at the bank on the way home. I ended up having to take Brad to the doctor and he has an ear infection. He is more concerned about Brad’s weight. Brad only gained 2 lbs in the last 15 months. So he wants to recheck him in a month. Brad walks to and from school by choice during the school year. So he really is getting a lot of exercise. He also eats like no tomorrow. Then Earl called as his truck broke down half way home tonight. We are waiting for the tow truck now to bring the truck back here. I have to get up early and take him to work as I have to be ready in the morning to go to the parade with my Daisy troop. The girls are dressing up as thin mint cookies. I am exhausted. I am heading to bed early.

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