Purposeful Design Book Review


We recently received Purposeful Design for review. After reading it you think about what we take for granted or forget to see the beauty of God’s wonderful and beautiful creations. Purposeful Design: Understand the Creation by Jay Schabacker, is a beautifully written and illustrated book. It takes readers through 7 chapters of day by day creations of God. It also reveals the principles of science that allow our world to work, and how our loving Creator God took so much care and consideration he took in creating it.

I suppose your probably wondering what kind of scientific thing the author talks about. Well he talks about the earth’s rotation and moons orbit, the rain cycle, importance of vegetation and plants, sun, moon and stars, instincts of birds, and more.

Purposeful Design: Understanding Creation ($18.95) is a book for all ages. This book was written for elementary ages. It has a free Young Explorer’s Club where you can down load free curriculum to be used with the book. There is both a student copy and a teacher’s key. There is work for each chapter and a certificate of completion for each chapter as well. Each chapter has it’s own questions and bible verses and ways to reinforce the reading comprehension.

There is 7 chapters in this book:

  • Chapter 1: The First Day – Creation of the Heavens and the Earth – the Foundation of it All
  • Chapter 2: The Second Day – Creation of the Atmosphere and Water
  • Chapter 3: The Third Day – Creation of the Dry Land and Vegetation
  • Chapter 4: The Fourth Day – Creation of the Sun, Moon, and Stars
  • Chapter 5: The Fifth Day – Creation of the Birds and Fish
  • Chapter 6: The Sixth Day – Creation of Land Creature and Humans
  • Chapter 7: The Seventh Day

My son and I read this book together. We read a chapter a day. There were times we had to split a chapter or two into a two days as it was too long. We also downloaded the curriculum that went very nicely with the book. We really enjoyed how beautiful the pictures were in this book. As soon as we received it we had to open it as the cover was so beautiful and amazing and we were curious what the inside would look like.

Beautiful Pages

I really like that there is variety in the book. You have bible verses sprinkled through the book, science explaining how things work, and pictures that go along nicely with each topic of creation. It really made for more understanding of why things were created in the order they were. It reminded us just how beautiful the world really is. I think sometimes we forget and take it for granted.

I think everything beautifully fit together in this book. You could use it as a Bible study or even a science unit. My daughter I don’t think really understood all the science of it but I do know that she understood what God created and she loved the pictures as well. I focused using this with my son more as I wanted him to really understand and see the beauty of things and I wanted it to touch his heart as well. After reading it and talking about it more I really do think he has a whole new appreciation.

I really did like using the curriculum along side the book. It reinforced what my son was reading. It also asked him deeper questions as to why God created what he did and what he did create. There were also Bible verses that we read at the end and he had to pick out his favorite and explain why. I liked that he had to draw a picture at the end.

My favorite quote from the whole book is: “Great is the Lord, and most worthy of praise!” Psalm 48:1

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