Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt Review

Ancient Egypt

History is one of our favorite subjects in this house. When looking at curriculum for history, I try to find ones that seem intriguing and involve hands on activities. Home School in the Woods has some really awesome projects for history. We are currently working on Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt. You can spread this across 8 – 12 weeks. This particular project is for grades 3 – 8.


Project Passport World History StudyL Ancient Egypt takes you on a trip through history. As you go through this you will make different roughly about 25 stops. You will learn about everyday life, agriculture, trade, education, writing, the sciences, the arts, great builders and their architecture, religion, medicine, government, dynasties, kingdoms, famous pharaohs, fitting Egypt into the Bible, archaeology and much more.

The nice thing about this is each stop has it’s own guide book and travel itinerary. The guide book is a reading that talks about the stop you are making. The travel itinerary is your guide to the projects and things that need to completed with each stop.

Activities That Are Included:

  • Creative Writing
  • A “Dining Out Guide” of Recipes
  • A File Folder Game
  • A Scrapbook of Sights – for storing notebook projects
  • A newspaper called the Kemet Chronicle
  • Snapshots Moments in History – Scrapbook Timeline
  • Post Cards from Famous Folks
  • Dozens of crafts projects to make
  • Lapbook Projects
  • Much More

How We Used This:

I used this with my son about 3- 4 days per week during our History class. We spent roughly 30 – 40 minutes at a time. We didn’t always get through each stop in a day. Somedays we took 2 – 3 days. It kind of depended on if we needed to stop and discuss things and if we needed to review so we could complete what was on our itinerary. ¬†There was times I printed it out as we went along if I didn’t get a chance to print it in the morning before we started. The creative writing is what would take us a while. Writing is hard for my son and it’s something we have really been working on. Sometimes I would have to go back and reread our guide so we could remember what we were writing about (this was because we split things up each day).

You do need a three ring binder to keep your projects in as that is suggested. Right now I still have stuff in folders. I will be putting all mine in a notebook when we are finished as that is how I have been doing things this year. Easier for me to keep track of what we have done.

What We Thought:

We really are enjoying this. I love that the whole thing is planned out for you and all you have to do is print out the the things you need. The crafts and activities are so perfectly fitting. It’s like you get a taste of being in that time period. Another thing I really liked is that it does contain some dramatized audio tours. The directions of how to put things together are really nicely done and what you need to print for each stop. You also have pictures to see how these were put together. There are also travel tips and additional resources that are suggested in case you want to further your reading. We did use some of these additional resources to work our way through this.

I really like the passport idea for this. As you make some of the stops you update your passport. The Dining Out guide was very interesting as it has recipes that are from Egypt. We haven’t tried the recipes yet but once we are finished we are going to try a couple of them. I have to find out where to get a couple of the seasonings I don’t have. A couple of my sons favorite activities was dressing himself up as an Ancient Egyptian. Another of his favorite activities was making bricks and figuring out which one dried faster. We could picture and pretend we were getting ready to make bricks for ¬† homes and pyramids. If I had a smaller container I would have made several and built our own little pyramid. Another favorite was drawing like an Egyptian. I personally really liked this part of the lesson as it was sort of a grid drawing a person. Grid drawing actually is a good way to learn to draw as it trains your brain for drawing.

My Overall Thought:

Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt has been an amazing learning journey for us. There were so many activities and different unique projects to do that it really kept my son engaged. The best thing is your having fun while your learning. Everything is all laid out for you to start your journey. Some of the activities really bring that time period to life in amazing ways.

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