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I finally found some literature guides that I really like to use with the kids. We reviewed Little House in the Big Woods ( Grades 3 – 5) and Frog and Toad Together (Grades K – 3), both of these are by Progeny Press.



I received a pdf ebook of Little House in the Big Woods E-guide (16.99). This is one of my favorite books as a kid and was Laura Ingalls Wilder’s first book in the series. It is set back in the 1860’s in the big woods of Wisconsin. There were no families around for miles. The story is about Pa and Ma, Laura, Mary, and Carrie. It was very interesting to read what their day to day events where. It was fascinating to know what life was like back then. The story starts as they are preparing for winter. Pa entertains the girls at night with stories and playing his fiddle. In the spring they make maple syrup. I wish we had trees to tap to make our own maple syrup. In summer there is a lot of hard work in the fields. I really liked how my son got a chance to read how chores and play time changed for the girls as the seasons changed.

When your first start the E-guide you get a little synopsis of the book and about the author. I think it’s important for the kids to learn a little bit about the author as you get a glimpse into the book and why it was written. There was also a section on background information and before you read activities.

As you move into reading the chapters we started out with one day working on vocabulary. I wanted my son to know what the words meant before we read the story. Then the next day we read the chapter and did the comprehension questions. On the third day we would do the projects and activities and the cycle would start all over.

I like that my son could type his answers into the pdf. This made it easier for him them writing on paper. Sometimes the kids had to write the definition of the word for vocabulary other times there was fill in the blank.  I also really liked how it tied in verses from the bible.

I think my sons favorite part was the different projects and activities that he had the chance to do. We made our own butter one day. I never realized how easy it was to make it. He carved out objects out of a bar of soap. The kids had a blast playing a squirrel game looking for nuts getting ready for winter. He also liked the different games we played. We did make the Raised Honey Corn Bread. I love how the projects reflected on things that we have read and gave a hands on glimpse of the time period.

My overall thought on this was that it was an awesome addition to learn about the book. It’s really not a lot of work to do but for my son it is as he is a slow typer and it takes him a while at times to do things. The project and activities were a bonus for us. I believe it kept the fun in wanting to know what came next and what we were going to do. I pushed my son through this so we could complete it before the review is done. Because I pushed him I didn’t get pictures as he was always grouchy by the time we were done. These are definitely worth using.


I did Frog and Toad Together with my daughter. I did receive Frog and Toad Together E-guide ($11.99).  The book only had 5 different stories in it about Frog and Toad. My daughter loved them. This also starts out with a synopsis, about the author, and before you read activities. We spent one day doing that. Then we read a chapter or story if you want to call it each day. After reading we answered the questions. There was some bible verses and more questions. At the end there was projects to do.

With the bible verses I thought they were a little complicating to my daughter as she couldn’t answer the questions to go with them. I think that she was just to young. So I had to reread it an try to tell her what it was about for her to understand.

My daughter was able to answer the questions to the story with no problem. She really enjoyed all the activities.

photo (1)



Some of the projects we did were planting some flowers and watching them grow, making cookies (which we made chocolate chip instead), and painted a picture of what she was afraid of.

I really liked using this with my daughter. I like that she could answer the questions easily and I loved the projects. I will be using more of these with my daughter.

We used this during reading and it took us only a week to get through.

I like that the stories were about friendship and each one taught a valuable lesson.

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    Erica B says:

    I love the extra hands on activity ideas! Sounds like a really neat study. great review.

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