The Pray-ers/Book 1 Troubles – Book Review

The Pray-ers Review

Prayer is a very important part of my everyday life, as well as most people. I really enjoyed reading The Prayers/Book 1 Troubles by author Mark S. Mirza, and published by CTM Publishing Atlanta. The book is set up in three different time periods – 1st century, 18 century, and Current Era. The book is told through the eyes of demons, angels, and people, each has their own story line.

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This book really teaches you the importance of prayer. In every day life we face struggles and conflicts and the devil comes in and tries to destroy our trust and faith in God. In this book you see the devil AKA demons at work. The demons try to interrupt the lives of the characters in this book by bringing trouble and conflict in hopes that they can keep them from trusting in and praying to God. The angels are also involved in the characters lives as well by being there to give hope, encouragement, and protection. It’s nice to know that the angels do help us through our struggles. Again the power of prayer is so strong and important. The three main characters are: Epaphras (1st Century), Alexander Rich (Post Civil War Georgia- 18 Century), and Dr Dale (Current Era).

When I first started reading it I was a little worried as it started out with the demons. It was creepy and eery and very hard for me to get through. Although when I got to the Angels I was really happy and relieved. The book really makes you think and it really helps you to understand the power of prayer and just how important it is. One thing I really liked about the book were the footnotes. There were many biblical references and so there were scriptures to match them. Keep in mind though that some of the characters and events in the book are fiction. Another thing I liked was at the end of the book there is reference that explains the different eras in which the stories take places as well as how long it took place. There is also something about the characters of who they are and how they fit into the story. The book isn’t meant to entertain its meant to teach you the power of prayers.

I read this first as I wanted to make sure that if I let my son read this he would understand it. Even though it has a good message there is some content that I don’t think is suitable for him to read. For example there are topics about premarital sex, abortion, and rape. I didn’t think these were topics that I wanted to talk with him about or be exposed to at this point in his life. Don’t get me wrong this book has a wonderful message.

I really liked Epaphras. In the book it said he would sit by a window and the sun would shine in on him. I loved that he viewed the rays as a presence of God. In a way I am a little like him as I love to pray quietly outside. It’s my time to praise him for the beautiful creation and my time to talk and pray to God. In a sense I can relate to the sunshine.

I would recommend this book for adults and mature teens, as some may be sensitive to some of the content in the book.

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The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles

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