Playtales – Candy Factory – Storybook and Mini Games

I have to tell you about an app that is totally new to me. I only heard about it the other night on facebook. I must say that I am extremely impressed with Playtales.  When you download the app. You see 5 things on your bookshelf. There are two stories. So far we only read The Candy Factory and played the mini games. There is also three samples. Haven’t looked at them yet but I plan to check out the sample of Crazy Farm later today once homework is finished with the kids. There is a tab for My Toys too. You get a little piano on your shelf.

The Candy Factory story was AMAZING! The graphics are very colorful and AMAZING. The story isn’t very long which is nice as it holds your childs interst.  You always want to know what happens next as it’s so magical. I highly suggest you download this and check it out yourself.

Playtales offers interactive books: traditional and classic, popular and new, for toddlers and beginning readers that will engage them in books and stories once again. Which this isn’t a problem for my daughter as she loves books.

There is a new toys section and in the download you get the toy piano free of charge.

I love the fact that you can demo things before you buy them.

The games inside the stories contain:

  • Coloring
  • Find the difference
  • Puzzles
  • Find the hidden image
  • Drawing
  • Matching Pairs

My daughter was totally amazed with the coloring in the Candy Factory. They had stamps of rain drops and flowers. You could even choose finger paint and you end up with finger prints. My daughter thought that was amazing. You can paint and color too of course. I have never seen the finger prints before and thought it was very awesome!

I looked through there book store and honestly I think the toys and the books are very reasonably priced. I know on Friday I plan to buy my daughter a book and toy to add to her collection. We looked together as I wasn’t sure if there would be interest. If I recall right most books and games were 99 cents. The app itself is free to download. Playtales is compatible with ipod, iphone and ipad.

My overall thoughts was that I was totally impressed with Playtales and I highly recommend you check it out.

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write this review. I did this on my own 🙂 The opnions in this review are 100% Mine. I was not paid for this review.



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