Pixel and Parker Storybook App

Pixel and Parker is the first in the coming Spintale adventures designed to engage young readers in a whole new way.

This is a very cute story about two best friends Pixel who is a cat and Parker who is a boy. Pixel ends up getting lost and Parker goes on a adventure to find them. This is a very cute interactive storybook app. I really enjoyed how much my daughter loved spinning the wheel and wondering what the adventure that Parker would go on to find Pixel. Very creative with the spinner and game board.

Each time we read the story we got a different adventure because of the number spun on the spinner. There is 30 different activities in the story. We love that it is never the same when you read the story.

Pixel and Parker features:

• A fun storybook adventure based on the value of friendship
• Innovative spinning action that determines the path of the story
• Over 30 activities that involve readers and advance the plot
• 30 T-shirts readers can use to change the look of the character
• Original illustration, music and narration.
• No in-app purchases

Our Over All Thought:

Love the spin on the storybook with so much interactive fun. Keeps children engaged. The graphics are fantastic.

You can purchase Pixel and Parker in the itunes store for $1.99 and it is compatible with ipad, ipod, and iphone.

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