Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting Review

PerfectReading Review

One thing I have been working on lately with both kids is handwriting. It’s really been a struggle with my son with his fine motor, dexterity, and tremor issues. His writing is absolutely terrible. My daughters handwriting on the other hand is nice but it’s big and I am trying to get her to keep them in between the lines like she is suppose to. Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting by Everyday Education, LLC has been making a difference in how both of them write. My daughter more so then my son.

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Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting is for elementary students and can be used for remedial students. It is a very simple program that teaches your student to read well and write beautifully. There are 60 lessons and they are phonics based. The handwriting is taught in italics, where you progress from straight to slant to joined. You have the choice to purchase this in ebook format or print. I received the ebook format for this review.

There are four ways that you can use this book:

  1. To teach young children to read and write.
  2. To teach children with reading difficulties to read effectively.
  3. To teach children to have fast, legible, attractive handwriting.
  4. To teach yourself beautiful handwriting.


How We Used This:

I used this with both my son and daughter. They are already reading so we followed the suggested schedule for school age students who are already reading. Just note that my children are totally opposite as I am using the reading/writing portion with my son and writing focus with my daughter. My daughter is at an elementary level and I am using this remedially with my son.  Our schedule looked like this:

Monday – Spent 5 minutes reviewing previous lessons. My daughter traced the letters and copied the sentences.

Tuesday – Spent 5 minutes reviewing previous lessons. My daughter copied the sentences and she practiced things that needed work.

Wednesday – Spent 5 minutes reviewing previous lessons. My daughter traced the letters and copied the sentences.

Thursday – Spent 5 minutes reviewing previous lessons. My daughter copied the sentences and practiced the things that needed work on.

Friday – If my daughter still needed practice we used these days to focus on what she could improve on.

This really is very easy to use. I didn’t have to put my focus in the reading portion with my daughter as she is already reading above her reading level. My focus with her was on the handwriting. The style is taught in italic. The italic print is easy to grasp for letter formation. Some of the letters she still doesn’t want to do in italic as she is set in there ways on the letter a. I wasn’t going to fight a battle with her to change it. For my son I think this helps him write a little faster and neater. However, his writing is still work in progress and I am going at a slower pace for him.

One thing I really enjoyed reading through before we started the lessons was the teaching tips. They are packed with great information for both reading and writing. It will help you use this to its fullest.

I did start from the very beginning. Even though they knew there letter sounds I wanted to focus on the writing in italic portion. You can skip around in this book. I just chose to start from the beginning with the concept and the letter sounds were also great reviews. When we got into the other lessons were we had to read the words it was also great review. We also read the story because its as traced and copied. It’s great because I love that its copy work and your reinforcing reading and writing together.


I have seen some improvement with my son. So he is work in progress. My daughter has improved but she is still stubborn and tries to write bigger then she needs too. I did allow her to write with our gel pens as she would slow down and focus a little more. However, I had bought some white out to cover up mistakes and well that had disappeared. So if her sample looks a little messy, I apologize. The reason you only partially see the lesson done is the fact that she got up and walked away for a moment and I took a picture.

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