Park Time and Yes More Ice Skating

Yesterday was a really trying day. No not because of the kids but because of some other obstacles we ran into. After we figured everything out we decided to head to Green Bay early.

We took the kids to a park we haven’t been to before. The park was very nice. On one side it had a place for kids ages 3 – 6 to play. The other side was for kids ages 6 and up. It was spaced out nicely. It was warm but not humid thankfully, and there was a nice breeze. It was nice to see the kids playing with other kids and having fun.

This was rather interesting as Brittany was holding a chain rope to climb up this little incline. It lead to a double slide.


This was Dakota getting ready to jump off the slide. I don’t like his daredevil tactics. So needless to say he didn’t do that again.

photo (1)

This I have seen at the parks around here. So this was nothing new to us. My daughter did like going across them.

photo (2)

This was rather interesting as it was like pedals. The kids could pedal while standing. Almost like a standing exercise machine but only at the park.

photo (3)


After the park we ended up going to my Dad’s so the kids could eat something before ice skating lessons started. I knew that my daughter would be starving if she didn’t eat before. It was a long afternoon and getting done with ice skating makes for a late night as we don’t get home till late.

This was Brittany before she went out on the ice. She has her helmet on in case she falls.

photo (4)

Last night Brittany didn’t do to bad in her lessons. Looks like she tried really hard. The lessons are getting harder now for her and we have to get on the ice and practice more just haven’t had much extra time lately. I did notice that she tends to think it’s a race and go fast. I have tried to explain to her that she needs to slow down. She needs to pay attention to her surroundings and not all the kids around her. She also needs to balance better as she is wobbly. She forgets to put her arms out. Have to keep reminding her.

photo (5)

I don’t remember what the kids were doing in this picture. Oh I think she was doing a heel toe type of thing in this picture. The problem with that is she goes to wide and then almost does the splits on the ice.

I really do enjoy watching her learn to skate and I know she loves the interaction with the kids as well. We didn’t stay for the free skate part as this time around she was cold. Well it’s like culture shock going into the ice rink when you have shorts on and culture shock when you leave the rink because it’s warm out.

I think yesterday afternoon was just the break that I needed đŸ™‚


6 Responses to “Park Time and Yes More Ice Skating”

  • 1
    LauraOinAK says:

    My boys have always loved time at the park. It’s always nice to visit a new one, too.
    LauraOinAK´s last blog post ..Storytime Made Enjoyable with Peter Rabbit from Kinder Cottage Publishing

    admin Reply:

    My kids too! It’s just nice to get out and about when your stressed to enjoy family time and the weather.

  • 2
    L V says:

    My kids still love the park. So fun to explore.
    L V´s last blog post ..Moms’Night Out Review

    admin Reply:

    I love exploring the different parks. It gives us a nice variety.

  • 3
    Mary Lou says:

    We were at the park for two hours this afternoon. No photos though. I don’t know why I don’t take photos at the park anymore. Need to do so at one of our next park outings!

    admin Reply:

    Isn’t it nice to just get out an enjoy the weather. I always have my camera and am always taking pictures. I guess you could say I am picture happy.

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