Painting is Relaxing – My results to Hart Party Spring Blossom Tutorial

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This has been one week that I am glad that it is over. I am hoping that next week is much better and more positive week!  It has been a pretty relaxing day. I wanted to do something with my daughter that would give her a great memory. Today we decided that we were going to paint. We picked out a tutorial from Cinnamon Cooney’s YouTube Channel.

If you are in your beginning stages of painting, someone who paints and likes to try new things, or just need ideas, I highly suggest checking out Cinnamon’s painting tutorials. They are fun and upbeat and you will create something interesting. The nice thing is you can add your own style and colors if you really want to change them. I am not the world’s greatest at color matching. I guess in my mind I love color so if there is color I am going to like it no matter what.

The tutorial that my 6 year old daughter and I did was called Spring Blossoms. I love the colors that are in this painting. It is meant for beginners. Some stuff I still have to work on such as finding my brush strokes and making them a little better. Practice makes perfect and I will get there in time.

My Daughter’s Work:

Spring Blossom 2

I think my daughter did a pretty good job. She sat there for a long time and painted. She stopped when it was time to paint the leaves. She wanted to go outside and catch grasshoppers. It was a really fun experience to be able to paint with my daughter. Going to hang this up in her room.


My Work:

spring blossom 1

I actually did two paintings today. I tried my hardest but I think I might redo it as I didn’t like some of my petals and I didn’t like my brush strokes on the leaves. It’s work in progress.



The second painting I did was one for my daughter’s room. I am not really happy with how the hearts turned out. I don’t like how uneven they are. My daughter likes it and won’t let me redo it. She wants it hung up in her room.

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