Everyday Cooking – Review

We are at a point in time with my oldest where we are transitioning, so we have been working on a lot of life skills. One of the life skills we have been working on is cooking/baking. My son has so much he wants to learn. I want to see him make more then just convenient foods. We have been enjoying Everyday Cooking by Everyday Homemaking. I did receive a pdf of Everyday Cooking for this review.

Our Theme This Week – Frogs


This week we did a little homeschooling with our friends from Pajamas in the Afternoon. Our theme for this week was frogs. We did a few hands on activities and started a craft. Today I think we really had the most fun with crayfish and frog hunting.


Laura Ingalls Wilder Day – Field Trip

Sunday we decided to take my daughter to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Day. She has been wanting to go since we started learning about Laura Ingalls Wilder earlier this year. Laura Ingalls Wilder days was held at Heritage Hill Historical Center in Green Bay. The hype of this was the fact that the actors were there from the show Little House on the Prairie. I must say that I was really disappointed because one we really didn’t see the actors and two I wasn’t going to spend money just to get an autograph. The second reason was I expected it to be more. Really it was just like any other day at Heritage Hill. I thought there would be tents and a lot more hands on activities but there wasn’t. I don’t think we will go again next year. My daughter had fun so that is what matters.

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West – Field Trip

Saturday was a beautiful afternoon so we headed down to Manitowac, to the Pine Crest Historical Society to see Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. If you are in Wisconsin and you have never been to PineCrest Historical Society, I highly recommend making a visit. This was our second time there and the atmosphere in this place is by far the best I have ever come across in Historical Societies. People really get into their roles. They take the time to explain the history and are vary knowledgeable. At the end I will share something that really actually touched me about this place and the people. We are definitely going to get a family membership as there are so many hands on activities and things that they plan through out the year. Unfortunately I wanted to go to the family night pioneer session this week but it is suppose to rain/storm. Boo!!

Week 1 – A Look Into Our Homeschool – Very Busy Week of Activities..And We Still Have The Weekend Yet!

This was our first full week of school, as I started our new school year August 1st. We are still on our summer schedule until September 5, when we resume our full time status of of curriculum again. The summer is for us to enjoy when we can. Our summer schedule consists of working on review items and math. For us this summer hasn’t been very active as it has rained a lot and now we are enjoying the break from the rain. The weather is a little cooler as well.

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