Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set Review

One of my favorite classes in High School was Marine Biology. I was so fascinated with the ocean life, and at one time wanted to become a Marine Biologist. So much is undiscovered in the Ocean yet that I find the new discoveries so very fascinating. My son also has a love of learning about animals, so when this review was offered I had to jump on it. For this review I received the Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set and a Marine Biology 2nd Edition Audio CD from Apologia Educational Ministries. This particular set is for High School. In the Advantage Set I received the Student Text Book, The Student Notebook, and the Test and Solutions Manual.

#NOTBackToSchoolDay Festivities

This year I wanted to do something special for the kids and I wanted to make it something we do every year. I thought that September 1st would be a great day to celebrate NOT Back to School. I had talked it over with a another homeschooling family and she agreed that it would be fun. Each year we will plan something a little different, but a couple things will remain the same. We had a fun long list of things we wanted to do, however, a little shopping kind of put a crimp in some of the activities. I was on a mission to find a black leotard with a skirt for my daughters dance class and Target didn’t have my daughters size. So I panicked. Thank goodness Kohl’s at the mall still had some leotards with skirts available in her size. I was in and out of there quickly. We start our full schedule next Tuesday.  I suppose your wondering when I will get to the festivities……ok here we go.

An Overview of the 20th Century Lapbook Review

Every now and then I like to break up our routine of regular book work. I like to use different things with the kids to keep their interests going. My daughter was really excited to hear that we were going to be doing a lapbook for history. We received a pdf copy of An Overview of the 20th Century by A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks. This can be used for children in grades 2 – 7.

Solar Eclipse 2017 – 78% Totality

Monday was the Solar Eclipse. We weren’t sure that we were going to see it as they were predicting clouds and rain. However, it turned out to be a sunny day and the rain stayed away. We were able to see the solar eclipse. Where I am at we could only see 78% totality. Even being able to see that was cool enough for me! We were suppose to meet at the park that day but with the weather they were predicting it was cancelled and we ended up doing something else. We headed to the Paper Factory in Appleton. They had a Solar Eclipse Party. It was a lot of fun for the kids.

Everyday Cooking – Review

We are at a point in time with my oldest where we are transitioning, so we have been working on a lot of life skills. One of the life skills we have been working on is cooking/baking. My son has so much he wants to learn. I want to see him make more then just convenient foods. We have been enjoying Everyday Cooking by Everyday Homemaking. I did receive a pdf of Everyday Cooking for this review.

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