Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature Review and Giveaway



Today I bring you a review and giveaway from award-winning Children’s pop musical “Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written By Nature“. This inspiring CD will have children inspired to change the world through story telling, song, and dance.


This is a 2-CD Set and Digital Download Available November 5, 2013, it features Mos Def, Cheech Marin, and Youth Rap Star Bentley Green!

The two-CD set Pacha’s Pajamas: A Story Written by Nature Vol. 1 & 2,  are available now for a suggested retail price of $19.99 and digital download for $15.99. You can also purchase individual songs on iTunes for $1.29, is inspired by the book by Aaron Ableman and produced by a company called Balance. It follows the adventures of Pacha, a little girl whose magical pajamas whisk her away every night to imaginary worlds where she discovers the power to make a difference in the world and within herself.

One night while sleeping Pacha dreams that the animals and plants on her new pajamas come alive. Disguised as a small gorilla, she comes upon an unlikely group of creatures feeling sad about the world. Nature unites to tell its captivating story at a global festival where species have come together to bring balance to the planet. Fun-filled acts include an insect band called The Beetles, a black-eyed pea rapping for a better world and a beaver named Just-In-Time. At the end of the show. Pacha shares an important message for all nature and humanity.

Filled with pop references and lots of humor (“electric eels went on strike”), storytelling, songs and dance, Pacha’s Pajamas features 28 tracks by 70 artists spanning four generations, and inspires children of all ages to better understand themselves, recognize their natural talents and make a positive impact on the world.

Pacha’s Pajamas Vol. 1 had a limited release last year for award consideration only and won the People’s Choice for Best Children’s Music in the 12th annual Independent Music Awards and a Parents’ Choice Recommendation.

Featured celebrity artists on the two-CD set include Mos Def, Cheech Marin, Les Nubians, Talib Kweli, Majora Carter, Lester Chambers, the Agape Youth Choir and Lyrics Born. The album also includes rising kid stars Bentley Green (9 million+ YouTube hits), Lil Jaxe, Ta’kaiya Blaney, Amanda Raya, Felecity, Milo McFly, Jaheem, MC Fireworks and Devyn Tyson. Luminaries Bill McKibben, found of; Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, author and leader of the Agape International Spiritual Center; and 12 year old environmental leader Avalon Theisen, star of the The Autism Channel’s new series Nature Tracks with Avalon, are also featured.

Song tracks – which covers a wide range of global social, environmental, health and other issues – include Magical Pajamas (asthma), Into the Dream (plastic pollution), Occupy Pacha Jamma (intergenerational justice), Horses Don’t See Colors (anti-racism), Jungle Work (disaster relief), Frog Talk (amphibian protection), We Are All Connected (oneness), Rock Nation (climate change) and much more.

Pacha’s Pajamas is also a part of Imagination Heals, a new program that brings award-winning inspirational music and stores to hospitalized children across the United States and soon in Canada. As part of the initiative, participating hospitals, receive donated Pacha’s Pajamas albums, books, and musical performances for patients. The program recently received its pilot and sponsorship through a fenerous donation from A Forever Recovery and Best Drug Rehabilitation.

This product is great for children ages 5 – 10.

My Thoughts: 

We absolutely feel that from start to end Pacha’s Pajamas was absolutely amazing. Everything blended so nicely with the songs. I loved the voices I heard in the stories. The music felt catchy. The one thing I really like is that each song/story have a lesson to teach the kids. These are all positive lessons and I believe this will inspire many kids in many ways. My two favorite songs were Magical Pajamas and Stormy Weather.

We listened to this CD a little bit each day during our circle time. There were times the kids asked me to back up and we listened to the stories again and again. I was very amazed that my kids took to the CD as I wasn’t sure who would be more interested, them or me. You have to listen closely to each story. As you listen it’s like the stories come alive in your mind. I guess you can say the imagination comes alive.


Please Note: I was note paid for this review. I did receive a copy of Pacha’s Pajamas A Story Written By Nature Vol 1 & 2 for my review. The opinions are 100% my own.

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