An Overview of the 20th Century Lapbook Review

Every now and then I like to break up our routine of regular book work. I like to use different things with the kids to keep their interests going. My daughter was really excited to hear that we were going to be doing a lapbook for history. We received a pdf copy of An Overview of the 20th Century by A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks. This can be used for children in grades 2 – 7.

If you have never heard of A Journey Through Learning, I highly suggest checking them out. They have stand along topics for lapbooks, unit studies, notebooking, copywork, curriculum lapbooks, and supplements. The curriculum lapbooks can be used with Apologia and Classical Conversation, and there are more. You would just have to look at the different categories under curriculum lapbooks to see what other curriculum this can be used with.

An Overview of the 20th Century contains different topics from the beginning to the end of the 20th Century. Each lapbook activity has an information page that your child will find the answers they need to complete it. It talks about different events and people throughout this lapbook. Topics include: Henry Ford, Panama Canal, Suffrage, Wright Brothers, World War 1, Charles Lindbergh, Roaring 20s, Great Depression, Hoover Dam, World War 2, Propaganda, Life in the 50s, The Cold War, Civil Rights, First Man on the Moon, John F. Kennedy, Vietnam, Persian Gulf War, Y2k, and  20th Century Technology.

How We Used This: 

I used this with my daughter during our history class. We did a few topics a day, 2 days a week and we have completed the lapbook. The nice thing is you can go at your own pace. You don’t have a set way to use this. We actually made ours a little different then how they show you in the pictures to complete. They have it where you use folders, and I didn’t use folders. Instead, I had put all of our lapbook pieces into a spiral notebook. That way it is more of a book for us to look back on. We can add in more lapbooks to the notebook in time.

My daughter really enjoyed learning about events and people that happened during the 20th century. Some of her favorite topics were the Roaring 20s, Life in the 50s, First Man on the Moon, 20th Century Technology and Persian Gulf War. I am not sure why the Persian Gulf War was one of her favorites, maybe it is because he Dad served during that time and that is something that she remembers. There were many things that did peak her interest.

What I really like about these lapbooks is that the informations sheets are not pages long, it is one page of information. On some of them there was extra activities for the kids to do. One of them was looking to find the first vehicle that was made by the Ford Motor Company. That was interesting as we printed that out and glued it to the paper that had the information. She was amazed at how cars have changed over time.

I also like that these lapbook pieces didn’t include large amounts of writing. I know when my daughter has to write a lot of information at times she gets frustrated. She was not frustrated at all while working on this. There was also a word search and crossword puzzle in this lapbook. She really enjoyed them as well.

I find these stand alone lapbooks are a nice break from our normal book work. They are also great supplements for further study on topics as well.

For More On A Journey Through Learning:


Lapbooks for Classical Conversations, Apologia, Inventors & 20th Century {A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks Reviews}

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