Our Week of Homeschool – Active Week

Our Week Of Home School

This week was a long, active, and at times rough week for us. I notice that when we get off our schedule the kids don’t do well for that day. Their behaviors change and it gets crazy. Tuesday we had a couple disruptions that caused a little anxiety and the rest of the day was rough but we did manage to get things done.


My son this week has been studying Armenia. He learned a few words in Armenian and learned out to make Gata. One interesting fact we learned about Armenia was in the mountains of Arata they believe that Noah’s Ark is there.


My daughter has been learning about China. We did a couple note booking pages about facts on China. We also learned about the Great Wall of China. She was amazed at how big it was. We also learned about a few animals from China. We didn’t make any food from China as we couldn’t find anything that my daughter would eat. She did end up building a couple tangrams. Tangram puzzles originated from China.

For math Dakota has just been reviewing subtraction. He did well on his math test this week. Brittany has been working on multiplication watching Times Tales. She hasn’t quit mastered it yet but she is getting there. She has never been introduced to it before.

Brittany has been reading The Courage of Sarah Noble this week and we have been working on our Logic Of English book. Dakota has been working on singular and plural and irregular nouns for review. He also has started a writing program. It’s still hard to get him to write as sentence writing is hard for him. It’s hard for him to form complete sentences. Brittany also has been writing she is still learning paragraphs.

In science Dakota is still working on creation and computer science. Brittany has been working on the rainforest. Both kids are learning about Stop Motion Animation. Dakota seems to be more interested which is awesome.

Dakota I am waiting on his literature unit to come from Moving Beyond the Page. So his reading is on hold and he has just been free reading.

Brittany is learning greetings in Spanish this week. She is picking them up really quickly and doing well.

We attempted learning the guitar by DVD but I don’t think Dakota can catch on to that. He needs one on one lessons. His lessons start next week Wednesday. We will just practice off of what we have learned. Then later re attempt the DVD. My daughter just got her guitar but it needs strings. I am not sure how she will learn best. She wants to learn both piano and guitar. We didn’t get to piano lessons this week.


Wednesday was out theme day and we went to the Library and to the Wild Life Sanctuary. The kids were observing how the animals were acting with the warmer weather. Most of the animals were active while we were there which was really nice to see. The last couple times we went they were active. The wolves didn’t howl this time. They did enjoy running up and down the fence with the kids. A couple were really playful.


Friday we ended our week with a trip to the zoo. It was beautiful to get outside and enjoy the weather. The animals weren’t to active as it was later in the day that we went. We did get a few good pictures and we picked up a zoo membership so we could go back anytime.


Today my daughter went to a Learn To Shoot Archery Program that was put on for homeschoolers. She absolutely loved it. We had an awesome turn out of 21 kids. All the kids were so well behaved and the instructors were so good with the kids.

All in all I think we had a pretty awesome week.

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