Our First Week Of School – Easing Slowly Back In and A Fun Start

Our first week of school we have been easing into slowly. We have had doctor appointments disrupt our day as they seem to fall smack in the middle of our day. We had a couple full days under our belt. I am not sweating it as I want the kids to be able to enjoy the weather yet before it is to cold for us to enjoy.

Last week kicked off our first Field Trip Friday. We ventured out to places we haven’t been to before and even learned some history about the area we live in. Amazing facts and I can’t wait to share it with you in another blog post.

We are using some new curriculum this year. So far I am really happy with the choices I have made. The kids seem to be happy as well. My daughter has the want to learn and my son well he could care less as he doesn’t like school. Trying my hardest to make it fun for him.

This week we have been to Bay Beach. Bay Beach is an amusement park, where the ride tickets are a quarter a piece. You learn about the history of each ride with a sign on the ride. Very interesting. I will be making a post about that as well. I think the kids had fun riding the rides more then caring about the history.

Today we will work a little on homework and spend some time at a beach we have never been too. The kids will soak up nature, swimming and good company of friends.


This week our reading program arrived. I am excited as this is one we will be reviewing soon. It is Horizons Phonics and Reading Gr K by Alpha Omega Publishing. So far we really like it.

photo (1)


photo (2)


We did a lesson from Home Art Studio Kindergarten called Happy Sun. My son was included in this as the swirling and pinching of the paint brush, and the cutting was great for his fine motor skills. I have noticed his fine motor skills regress in the last year. The top picture was my son’s and the bottom was my daughters.

photo (3)


One thing my daughter has been doing is highlighting the middle line. I am trying to teach her to stay between the lines and where upper case and lower case letters belong when writing a sentence. She has been doing pretty good. I feel a little to hard on her but at the same time I want her to learn.

photo (4)

We are working on complete sentences and incomplete sentences. She had to move the words to make a complete sentence. She did pretty good remember the words.

photo (5)

Brittany likes to play with the bricks from her Math U See set. We are almost done with Alpha book. I think we will end up finishing next week.


I hope that you all had a great start to your homeschool if you have started. If your enjoying the summer yet, I hope it’s fantastic! Next week we won’t have any appointments so we should be able to have our first full and solid week. I reserve Fridays  for field trips. Although I am not sure we will take a field tomorrow as we have really done a lot of fun outings this week.

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