Our First Skate-A-Thon Was Lots Of Fun

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Most of you that read the blog or know me, know that my daughter has taken a big liking to ice skating. She first saw ice skating while we were watching the Olympics. So we took her to a homeschool ice skating session and she has loved it ever since. Shortly after her first time on the ice we signed her up for U.S. Figure Skating Learn To Skate lessons.

It has been one of the best things I have spent on my daughter for a sport. She started out in Snow Plow Sam and is now in Basic 3. The lessons get harder and harder. After she finishes Basic 5, she will then decide which part of ice skating she would like to get into. It has been amazing watching some of these girls skate. They really do a good job. My daughter is visual person and she likes to watch and try new things. Although I am a nervous wreck, it’s how the kids learn.

This past week we had a Skate-A-Thon at the De Pere Ice Arena. They wanted each member to try to raise $200 towards a new Zamboni for the ice. Our clubs portion of the new Zamboni is $12.500.00 So far the last count was $10,500.00. Which was fantastic news. I believe I read that for every person who reached the goal of $200 their name would be put on the Zamboni. My daughter was really excited about that. Then they offered something amazing, an incentive, to those that went above and beyond. For ever $100 after the first $200 you received 8 free skating lessons. To me that is a great incentive as ice skating lessons are not cheap. So far my daughter has reached $270.00. We will hit the $300 dollar mark before we have to turn in our money.

You are probably wondering why do we need a new Zamboni. Well last winter the old Zamboni was gas powered and it left emissions in the air and the ice arena had to vent it out. The emissions were not a good thing and the ice rink ended up closing down for a bit. With the new Zamboni it is electric and it doesn’t release any emissions into the air. It is safer for everyone.

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The Skate-A-Thon was from 12 -4. It was the first time we ever participated in one and it was a blast. I was even glad that for once I could volunteer to help out at an event. At first when the kids started to skate we were doing laps. You could pledge a flat rate or you could pay per lap. All of Brittany’s were flat rates so it didn’t matter how many laps she did. I lost count after 65. I even got some rental skates and skated with her for the first hour and 20 minutes. The last 20 minutes she skated with her friend by herself. It was nice as they had music on and the kids enjoyed it.

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Then the kids were given glow sticks that they could wear and they dimmed the lights. The lights weren’t totally off but it was dark enough to see the glow sticks. I guess you could say the party got started. Most of the people were still doing laps when I had to leave. I had to leave to make the frosting for the cake I was bringing for the picnic after the skating.

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Even Ace the mascot from the Green Gamblers was there joining us in the Skate – A – Thon. They had a Gamblers game at the ice arena that night as well.

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When we got back quite a few people had already left. There were still a nice amount of kids on the ice. That’s when all the fun began. It was free ice time so the kids took advantage of it. The news was even out on the ice filming the kids skating during the Skate-A-Thon. However, I haven’t seen it on the news yet since they were there. Not sure when it will be on or if it will be on. There was this boy there. I don’t know how old he was, but he picked up my daughter and carried her in his arms and skated. Then the kids got into this big synchro line and I guess they did what was called a pinwheel. My daughter loved every minute of it. I swore I even saw her do her first turn and jump. Not really sure of the name. Then they were racing and playing with cones. I think skated another hour and half. I took pictures from the lobby as I was doing registrations for the last hour.


There was suppose to be prizes given for those that raised the most. I don’t know when they will be giving those or even if Brittany won any. It doesn’t matter because it was a really fun experience for us and we could give back to club.

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I think they raised a fantastic amount of money. I know they are pretty happy with the amount raised. We will find out more on October 1st. When all the money is due. I hope they reached their goal. It was fun watching the kids let loose and have fun. They work so hard during their lessons and practice time with the coaches.

I don’t know where this ice skating journey is going to take us, but I am going to enjoy every minute watching my daughter learn and have fun.

Here is the video that the news took yesterday while we were at the ice rink. My daughter is on in the very beginning of it in the green pants. It explains why we had the Skate-A-Thon

Skate-A-Thon Fundraiser

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